Leviathyn’s Best of the First Half of 2012!

With the passing of July 1st, the year 2012 is officially halfway finished. As the summer heats up and the game releases dry up, this is a perfect time to reflect on the first of the year.

I’ve asked the staff to give me their opinions of 2012 in video games with five simple questions: Best Game of 1st Half 2012, Best Annoucement, Best Soundtrack, Biggest Disappointment, and Most Anticipated of 2nd Half 2012. The answers are below. Do you agree, and if not, what are your picks for the first half of 2012?

Without further ado:

Co-Founder Ron Hoffecker:

Best Game of 1st Half 2012: Diablo III

Best Announcement: Sonic Adventure 2 HD coming to XBLA and PSN

Best Soundtrack: Kingdoms of Amalur

Biggest Disappointment: Skyrim Dawnguard

Most Anticipated of 2nd Half 2012: Resident Evil 6


Senior Editor Cassidee Moser:

Best Game: My vote for best game so far is The Walking Dead. Sure, it’s a downloadable game, and sure, it’s an adventure game, but it’s a hell of a game nonetheless. I haven’t been this connected to a narrative in a game in quite some time, and that’s saying something. If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first two, there’s a very real chance that this will be my game of the year.

Best Announcement: Probably Beyond: Two Souls. I’m a big Ellen Page fan, and I’m interested to see what she will bring to the role and what the game will do.

Best Soundtrack: For some reason, I’ve really been enjoying the Fez soundtrack. It’s calming, it’s airy, and it’s really nice to play at night when I’m winding down.

Biggest Disappointment: The Tomb Raider delay. Well, the five million delays, really, but Tomb Raider was my most anticipated game this year.

Most Anticipated 2nd Half: Probably Dishonored. I’ll play Halo 4 and Call of Duty and enjoy them enough, but I want new IPs, and this game is looking more and more promising as the days go on.


Staff Writer Travis Freese:

Best Game of 1st Half 2012: Fez, It was a simple indie game, but it was my favorite game so far this year

Best Annoucement: There will be no next generation consoles this year.

Best Soundtrack: Mass Effect 3

Biggest Disappointment: E3’s lack of new titles announced

Most Anticipated of 2nd Half 2012: Guild Wars 2!


Staff Writer Blake Anglin:

Best Game of 1st Half:  Mass Effect 3: This is a no-brainer for me.  It was my most anticipated game of the year, and it delivered in every way I hoped it would.  A strong (and free) DLC follow-up plan has left me with zero complaints about ME3.  A very strong Game of the Year contender for sure.

Best Announcement:  Beyond: Two Souls:  Quantic Dream totally has me wrapped around their little finger, and I am perfectly fine with that.  Two Souls looks like it has all the great trademarks of a Quantic Dream gamne, and hopefully they can make a gameplay model that works.  But the best part?  Ellen Page!

Best Soundtrack:  Fez:  I’m a sucker for retro soundtracks, and Fez knocked it out of the park with its bit-tune symphony.  Not only was the old-school soundtrack awesome, it fit the gameplay perfectly.  Add in some of the best sound effects I’ve heard in years, and we’ve got an audio-rific treat.

Biggest Disappointment:  Kinect Star Wars:  Not that I had high hopes for it anyway, but a quality Star Wars game could have went a long way towards proving Kinect really can be viable.   Instead we got “I’m Han Solo.”  Fail.

Most Anticipated of 2nd Half:  Borderlands 2:  Man, I can’t wait to play this game! I put a ton of hours into the first Borderlands, and I have faith that Gearbox Studios is doing everything they can to make the sequel even better.  Resident Evil 6 and Assassin’s Creed III look nice, but this is what I’m waiting for.


Staff Writer Stephen Daly:

Best Game of 1st Half 2012: Mass Effect 3. While I continue to detest the original ending of the game at every level BioWare’s latest game had both excellent gameplay and a compelling story that we would expect.

Best Announcement: Beyond: Two Souls. Though we knew about in the hours before Sony’s E3 press conference Quantic Dream’s project promises to be every bit as emotional as Heavy Rain and the quality of the performances shown in the demo as well as the different tone set it aside from the other titles on show at E3, even if there were explosions at the end.

Best Soundtrack: Mass Effect 3. While I don’t think it quite compares to Mass Effect 2’s score Jack Wall’s departure from the series didn’t prevent Christopher Lennertz and Sam Hullick creating one of the finest soundtracks possibly ever.

Biggest Disappointment: Mass Effect 3. Yes it was my favorite game but it was also my biggest disappointment. The ending largely ruined the experience and invalidated everything that came before. The Extended Cut fixed the majority of the problems (though it also created a few more) and while I welcome the fact that BioWare listened to their fans they could never have fixed everything without entirely ripping out the last hour and replacing it which of course would have been excessive and taken a very long time.
Most Anticipated of 2nd Half 2012: Assassin’s Creed 3. As one of my favorite series I’m of course interested to play as a new assassin in a new setting and can’t wait to see what Ubisoft do with the franchise even if I am a little worried that’s its biased towards the Revolutionaries (we’ve only seen Connor kill Redcoats in all of the demos and trailers to date after all).


Finally, Senior Editor Jason Fanelli:

Best Game of First Half 2012: The Walking Dead, followed closely by Mass Effect 3 and Journey. I’m a sucker for good stories, and Telltale is weaving a masterpiece.

Best Announcement: Watch_Dogs. Not knowing what the hell was going on until the title screen at the end was a masterful way to debut what looks like a brilliant experience. I can’t wait for more.

Best Soundtrack: Mass Effect 3, no question. Far and away the best musical experience in 2012 so far.

Biggest Disappointment: Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference. A solid show, sure, but SO MANY THINGS undiscussed. We’ve since heard about a new 3DS model and the Namco/Sora Smash Bros collaboration, but we still don’t know what Retro is working on, nor do we know when to expect Wii U. Come on Reggie, throw us a bone!

Most Anticipated of Second Half of 2012: Assassin’s Creed III. I NEED to know what happens to Desmond in the end. NEED TO KNOW. NOW.