They Just Keep Coming! Enough With the Zombie Games…For Now!

When Hell is full, the dead will work the earth, or more likely they will wander into your gaming console one way or another. Zombie games are fun, really fun, and when they are made successfully they become hardcore favorites amongst us gamers. But, how many do we really need? There are many notable zombie games and lots of bad ones, and even some decent DLC’s, but I feel pummeled by zombie games. I would have never assumed the onslaught of zombie based video games would feel as overwhelming as an actual zombie apocalypse. One good zombie title may find you hidden in your basement, but then fifty zombie games lurch behind, slower, less capable to cause excitement. Essentially, if we release one good zombie game a year, we have to succumb to the inevitable crappy titles that are made under the assumption that “zombie games will always sell”. I think we should demand more.

Or, we should look to a new genre. I commend Skyrim for having a DLC centered around Vampires and for having werewolves in their game. Why do zombies create such a large shadow over other monsters? What about giants? Robots? Giant Robots?

Coming soon, new DLC for Call of Duty; Giant Robot Onslaught!



How cool would it be to have to strategize as a group on how to take down some epic, stupidly large robot. Imagine if effort was made to make their demise as cinematically beautiful as possible.

I think I should patent this idea quick!

The bottom line is, lets not run the zombie genre into the ground. Were not 13 year old girls that obsess over a genre until it dies and then move on to the next. We can manipulate supply and demand. Let the zombies rest for awhile, we know they will rise once again when we really need them.

What would you like to see become the next monster favorite? Should we continue with numerous zombie titles?

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  1. Christian Carrión

    Giant robots in a game in a way was already done in 3 games , while not all robots the gameplay would be similar , Shadow of the Colossus , God Of War and actual robots the Metal Gear Solid (gears fights).

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