Patents Suggest ‘Super’ Slim PS3 On The Way

A filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sparked rumors that Sony may set to unveil a ‘Super’ Slim PS3.

The new model is listed as CECH-4001x (current systems are the 3000 model).

The FCC documents note that “x” will be replaced by another letter reflecting the different hard disk specification.

Both MCV and Eurogamer are reporting that sources inform them the new model will be announced at Germany’s gamescom convention next month.

Sony revealed the current slim model at gamescom in 2009. While two major overhauls of a console would be unprecedented the current console generation is the longest ever. The RRP of the PS3, which would likely see a reduction for the new model, would also prolong the life of the system even as Sony gear up to announce the PS4, most likely at E3 2013.