A Pokemon Soundtrack I Can Rock To

I needed some epic Pokemon art for this post.

Pokemon music, especially Gen1’s, is iconic in gaming. You will get nostalgia just by hearing the intro to a pokebattle. For the past several months, I’ve been listening to a great mix of Pokemon tunes. They aren’t your average songs, though. You can say they’re metal but don’t get the wrong idea. This is the perfect blend of calm, metal, and Poke that you can find.

I can’t explain exactly how I came across these songs but you know how when you begin to surf videos on YouTube and you either end up in that cool part or that… really, really weird part? Well one day I got lucky and stumbled onto the user drpez12. His real name is Daniel Pezdirc. This guy is absolutely amazing at music. In fact, he doesn’t just play the guitar in his videos. He plays an assortment of instruments and mixes them so well.

While he doesn’t just do Pokemon songs, I really think he hits his peak with these tunes. The first song I heard from him is below. It’s the Gen 2 (Gold and Silver) Kanto Gym Leader Battle. Give it a listen.



This song was recorded back in 2010. Since then, drpez12 has gotten much better with his playing and it sounds close to 100% professional now. In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m listening to a brand new Pokemon RPG soundtrack where Nintendo decided to go edgy. Here’s a more recent song to show off his progression. This is the Ruby and Sapphire Rival Battle.



So good. Mr. Pezdirc doesn’t just focus on heavier remixes either. Looking through his uploaded videos will show off acoustic versions of some town themes and plenty more from other video games. He always provides MP3 download links and thanks to that I have my own drpez12 playlist featuring nothing but Pokemon songs. That’s not to say his other work isn’t good but I like remixes of game music in the hard rock or metal genre. Sometimes musicians can hit the right tones that just make it sound so right.

This article isn’t just a praise piece, though. While Mr. Pezdirc does fantastic work, this is a cry out for more music like this in games, especially in Nintendo games. The sound that drpez12 produces is just the right blend where it isn’t too heavy to scare some people off and isn’t too classic. These remixes hit a good balance where they sound fresh, exciting, and tense. Even his acoustic mixes fit into this soundtrack. Nice, soothing songs that empty into a hard hitting battle theme. This is the kind of soundtrack that I want to listen to while playing Pokemon. Actually, come to think of it, I already do. I was just playing my imported Pokemon White 2 with the sound turned all the way down and this playlist blasting. It just gets me more hyped to play.

For some songs, the way these remixes play out are even better than the original versions. Take Black & White 1’s Elite Four battle theme. In-game, it sounds weird. With drpez12 involved, it sounds epic.



Do yourself a favor and subscribe to drpez12. Not only does he continually upload more songs but the videos he favorites are great to check into and mostly have to do with gaming. Now here’s to hoping that Nintendo sees this and begins to ponder! *high hopes*