Got an iPhone or iPad? The 4th of July Sale Has Begun

The App Store on the iOS is hosting a new sale for the 4th of July. Plenty of games are at bargin prices from a bunch of developers. Below you’ll find the list and they are all $0.99 unless noted. Also, the Amazing Spider-Man game is now out for the mobile platform for $6.99 with some great reviews that make it seems like Spider-Man 2: The Movie. We all know how epic that game was. No sarcasm, either.

  • Air Mail
  • Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
  • Burnout Crash
  • Dead Space for iPad
  • Flight Control HD
  • Harry Potter: Spells
  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4
  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7
  • Mega Man X
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Real Racing
  • Real Racing HD
  • Real Racing 2
  • Real Racing 2 HD
  • Sprinkle
  • Sprinkle Jr.
  • Street Fighter Volt
  • Wind Up Robots (free)