A New Console Enters The Spectrum: “Ouya”

Tired of the PlayStation and Xbox? Ready to toss out your Wii? Not excited about the next gen? Well, maybe it’s time to pick up an Ouya!

What the heck is an Ouya? It’s a $99 Android home console that plays free games. Not much besides that is known about the little guy, though. We do know of some names on the project like Ed Fries who helped create the Xbox. It seems there are some hefty names making the Ouya and the whole point is to offer an alternative console choice with an open platform.

The best thing about Android is that it is hackable and allows emulators for old school gaming. This Ouya might not be such a bad idea. For $99 you can play a ton of old school games and free Android apps. Sadly, no specs were given and that is pretty important. Still, the UI looks pretty nice and smooth. This Android app streamer isn’t a half bad idea and product. Hopefully it can get some game devs more interested in the platform.

You can see all the details and more pictures over at The Verge.