Seth Killian is Working on PlayStation All-Stars

Looks like Jason doesn’t have to cry too badly. Seth Killian, mastermind behind Capcom’s fighting games, isn’t leaving the genre just yet. Seth is now the Lead Game Designer for Sony’s Santa Monica Studios, specifically the External Studios division. This means any studio not exactly owned by Sony but still working with the company will be spear headed by Mr. Killian. His first project? SuperBot’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

This isn’t the only project Seth is working on but it will be the first to release. In an interview with Kotaku, Seth talks about his new position and working with Superbot.

Seth is the reason why the fighting game community was re-energized thanks to the EVO championship tournament. He was given the nickname of Mr. EVO and is generally a pretty cool dude. Consider him in my cast of The Breakfast Club: Gaming Edition.