On the eve of The Secret World’s Launch, Funcom’s CEO Steps Down

When you try and think of a good day to resign as CEO of a company, none really come to mind. No matter what, people will hear of it and negative press will happen. What reasons are there? What are the real reasons? Etc. etc.

Well, Funcom’s now former CEO Trond Arne Aas picked a grand ole day to do his stepping down. He chose the day that a major project, The Secret World, launches. The Secret World is an MMO that sets itself within a false reality where demons, monsters, and all sorts of nasty supernatural things happen. We have a beta review up, if you recall.

Mr. Aas has stated that he believes Funcom is a great place and it is time to take a lesser position to, I’m guessing, stretch his legs. Still, what a wonderful day to do a shake up. If you were in a GameStop and held that Funcom’s top guy stepped down with no other information and you had a copy of The Secret World in your hands, what would you do? Continue buying it or put it down and step away?