Should We Stop the Innovation?

While we have gone from console to console, and while we are currently waiting for the next-gen consoles, I started to think about how necessary it is to continue to attempt to innovate gaming. When the Wii was released it seemed motion gaming was going to be the new craze. Wii led to Playstation Move and that eventually led to Kinect. Now that motion gaming seems at a standstill we see attention put upon the console as a home entertainment system. Sony and Microsoft both have advanced their units from simple gaming devices to the core of most home theater systems. You can go weeks using your console and not even play a single video game. Between their digital markets, video apps, and now internet browsing, the console functions as if gaming is a secondary function.

While we are all considering what we would like to see in the new consoles I challenge us not to lose sight of what matters most in a gaming console; gaming. We should all be sure the new units truly are the next step in gaming evolution before we start thinking about what else it could do. Who cares if it has Blu-ray, or web browsing, or internet apps, or video chat. Who cares how it looks, sounds, smells. Does the damned thing take gaming to the next level or not? This should be everyone’s primary concern.

And further, why the hell do we need our tablets to integrate with our video games? I know tablets are the new fad, another option for gaming, and a social accessory, but it doesn’t need to be a necessary tool for a video game. I have no interest in using my tablet to check my inventory. I don’t want to put down my controller, grab the tablet, and use it to solve any sort of problem. I don’t have much interest in the Wii U because of these points. I want to keep my consoles to gaming and use just one controller to man it all.

Do we want to have more and more things capable of connecting and functioning with our consoles? Would it be a waste of time for the companies to create purchase options for a gaming console that does nothing more? What do we anticipate to be the next step in gaming after tablet innovation?