Begin the Fashion Wave!

Comic-Con, Halloween, themed parties, and marathons are my favorite things throughout the year because they all encourage the same thing; wearing costumes. I suck at painting, I can somewhat weave a good tale, I cant play a damned instrument, but the artist inside of me shines when I pursue themed costumed. We have done Halloween as Muppets, South Park Superheroes, Seinfeld characters, and sport-themed zombies. I have attended comic-con as The Goon, one of the Crossed (awesome comic), an Aperture scientist, and other things I cant remember. The point is, I have had the best times creating and displaying these outfits, and obviously there are many who enjoy doing the same, so why wait for special events?

I would like to plea for daily allowance of costumes! Lets all create the fictional world of costumed antics by creating our own entities. Lets be cartoon characters and wear the same outfit every day. Lets be super heros and villains and wear our uniforms proudly. Lets dress as video game characters that represent our unique interests.

Whats the worst that could happen? Ridicule? Difficulties going to the restroom? Food stains that we cant get out? We deal with this on the daily already!

So, if you were to either wear the same outfit daily, or create a video game influenced outfit, what would it be?