Where Else Could BioWare Take Mass Effect?

With Commander Shepard’s saga essentially coming to a conclusion by way of Mass Effect 3, we are suddenly left with a rich, deep universe that has been crafted by the developers at BioWare over the past few years. With enough history to rival that of many other major Sci-Fi franchises, the story of Shepard vs. The Reapers is only a small slice of a much larger galaxy with plenty of room left to explore. We’ve already had a taste of this with the iOS tie-in game Infiltrator taking us through the story of a different Cerberus operative. But where else could BioWare go to give us more Mass Effect?

The First Spectre

While Shepard may have been the first human Spectre, he was only one in a long line of other races who have taken on the role in the past.

Spectres originally were appointed to help curb the Krogan Rebellion and protect the citadel many years before the events of Mass Effect 1. With their by-whatever-means-necessary attitude and their exclusivity to the Council, they are quite possibly some of the most dangerous soliders in the galaxy. So, who was the first Spectre? What did they do, and how did they carry out their responsibilities during the Krogan Rebellion? There’s a lot of room for a great origin story here, and I’d love to be able to experience it firsthand.


Coming off the recent announcement of Star Wars 1313 taking place in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, I can’t help but feel like basing a game in Omega would be a great opportunity to tackle dark storytelling while creating an interesting game. It’s considered the dark side of the Terminus System made up of criminals and outlaws. Open up Omega to players, and allow them to traverse it to its deepest roots as they encounter vicious enemies and  take down hardened criminals in a bounty-hunter style of narrative, and you’ve got the makings of a great expansion of the Mass Effect Universe.

Asari Spin-Off

Endowed with powerful abilities and a unique culture, we got a taste of the Asari race throughout the Mass Effect series by way of characters like Matriarch Benezia and Liara T’Soni. Couple their unique and complex history with their extraordinary biotic powers, and I’d love to see a completely separate story that details the trials of the race in the universe.

The Krogan Rebellion

One of the most devastating conflicts in the galaxy’s recent history, the Krogan Rebellion was a war that waged between the fierce Krogan race and the militaristic Turians. There’s a lot of ground to cover with a deep story like this one. What planets did the Krogan attack? Could you play as a Krogan, the fiercest of warriors, or would you play as the Turians, looking to secure peace for the galaxy? And perhaps the most interesting part of this could be a backstory to the genophage, the mutating biological weapon that altered Krogan genetics and made them essentially infertile. It’s a sad story, but a fascinating one nonetheless.

The Protheans

At the core of the Mass Effect series is the Prothean race. While we don’t encounter any actual Protheans until meeting Javik in Mass Effect 3, we still encounter their technology, learn from their backlogs, study their actions, and even encounter a twisted form of them by way of the Collectors in Mass Effect 2.

But what exactly happened between the advanced race and the Reapers? The Protheans were the ones who initially tried to stop the sentient machines from destroying all organic life 50,000 years before Mass Effect 1 and failed, resulting in their entire race being destroyed.

Javik could be a link to this as well. The last of his race, Javik was one of the original leaders of the Prothean armies during the conflict between them and the Reapers. A game centered around his story and the efforts of his soldiers might be an amazing one.

Jack/Biotic Test Subjects

In Mass Effect 2, we met Jack, a disgruntled and dangerous biotic who had once been a lab rat for Cerberus as they experimented on her biotic abilities.

After going back to the lab where she was held, we learned that she wasn’t the only test subject to pass through the twisted program.
After a revolt of the subjects against the guards, Jack was cited as causing great damage to the building and wiping nearly everyone out.


Who survived? Where are they, and what has happened to them? Following this storyline has the potential to create a very interesting and emotionally deep character in a compelling narrative as they struggle to discover their humanity and deal with this scar from their past. Yes, please!


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