Trailer Breakdown: New Super Mario Bros. U

With the upcoming Wii U’s release, gamers will have yet another chance to experience some of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises on a next-gen console. At the forefront of the Wii U’s titles is the Italian plumber himself, pioneering the platform in the only way he knows best: returning to his side-scrolling roots. The staff at takes a look at the trailer for the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U.


It has been a while since I have sat down and played a Mario game, but after seeing this trailer for Super Mario Brothers U, that may change. It seems that everything a Mario game should be (or at least what I remember about a Mario game) is captured in Super Mario Brothers U. All of my favorite elements from past games are back, but in new and interesting ways: Yoshi! The Tanooki suit! Fire Mario! On top of all of that, the presentation and gameplay look incredibly smooth.

My main quibble, if I had to choose one, would surround the use of the gamepad. All we have heard since the Wii U’s inception has been how revolutionary and innovative this gamepad is, but it is hard to see how it will function or if it is even necessary. Each of the game actions appear to be accomplished with a simple button push. I’m not saying there is anything wrong, controls for platforming games should be simple and fluid after all, but since Mario is a flagship franchise Nintendo should be pushing the Wii U’s gamepad heavily with Super Mario Brothers U.

With that being said, Super Mario Brothers U looks like it has to the potential to recapture nostalgic feelings while remaining distinct and, most of all, fun.


This looks like the Mario game I’ve been waiting to play since Super Mario World.  First off, look at those HD graphics!  It was scary what Nintendo could pull off working with low-def hardware, so I can’t wait to see the finished product in action.  I’m a retro fanatic, so I was stoked to see nods to old-school elements like Mario 3’s Giant World, and the new Yoshi interactions look like they are going to be a blast.  The four-player co-op looks relatively unchanged from Super Mario Bros. Wii, and if you played that title, you know that’s not a bad thing.  One thing I hope for, probably in vain, is that Nintendo does something, anything, with the story.  I don’t need the next telling of Mass Effect here, but a curve-ball or two could really do Mario some wonders.  Other than that, I can’t wait to trek through the Mushroom Kingdom again!


Mario is back, and looks better than ever! Although I am still a bit iffy on Nintendo’s plans for the Wii U, watching this trailer has reminded me how much I would love to get into Mario again. Nintendo is really looking to take our mustachioed hero back to his humble beginnings with New Super Mario Bros. U. It has a great next-gen look while still maintaining the retro comfort of the original Super Mario Bros.

The worlds look like a 3d-rendered version of those we once played on the old NES and SNES systems, with some of the same enemies and hazards to dodge and navigate throughout the level.  We see a host of beloved game conventions in this trailer, including Yoshi, Mario’s raccoon personality, and Luigi himself. It will be interesting to see how co-op is handled in New Super Mario Bros. U. We’ve heard a little bit about it, including the touch screen on the game pad will be used to create platforms and help navigate levels, but beyond a few other bits, we still don’t know the full extent of it.

Mario’s back. And we can’t wait to return to his world.


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