Nintendo Announces the Circle Pad Pro XL for the 3DS XL

In the new issue of Famitsu, Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS XL will be getting a circle pad add-on just like the initial version of the handheld did. It will be called the Circle Pad Pro XL.

Many people were upset that Nintendo didn’t include a second circle pad on the XL but the reasoning behind this is clear and important. You don’t want to separate your buyers. Those who own the original 3DS and no Circle Pad Pro would be unable to play any 3DS XL games if developers began making games using both pads. They would be forced to buy the Circle Pad Pro and Nintendo doesn’t want that to happen.

Still, this new add-on will ensure that games like Resident Evil: Revelations will be playable on the new rendition of the 3DS.

No date was given for the release of the add-on but with the XL coming this year, it makes sense that we’ll see it come to store shelves sometime close to the holidays.