Google Glass Games: Yes, Please

Google held its annual I/O press conference today highlighting some new Android features in 4.1 Jelly Bean, the unveiling of the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet, and the absolutely amazing Project Glass segment. For those who are unaware, Google Glass is a revolutionary device that fits on like glasses. The right lens has a small screen near the top which can project an image to you like notifications, video recording, and honestly, who knows what else. There is also a camera and speaker that are on the right side of the glasses.

Google Glass has an unprecedented amount of possibility. Perhaps we’ll see some of that possibility starting next year. Google also announced the Project Glass Explorer Edition at I/O which is the pre-order program for developers who wish to make programs for Google Glass. The Explorer Edition of the device will be sent to I/O devs who wish to participate starting next year.

To show off what the prototype can do, they had skydivers, BMX bikers, and climbers use the device one after the other until the prototypes made their way back on stage in hands of Google. It was quite an impressive show, actually. The skydivers were all using the Google Glass to participate in a Hangout session together as they left their plane and descended to the building that I/O was held at. Once they landed, the devices were handed off to a group of BMX cyclists who uses vert ramps to do some sweet tricks and reach the edge of the roof. There the Google Glass was repelled down the side of the building and inside where the devices were brought to the stage on bike once again. This was all live and shown through the Google Glass camera also while on Hangout. Very, very impressive.

The prototype was a bit laggy and there was one blackout of video lasting 3 seconds before everything went to normal. To be honest, that’s pretty damn good for a prototype using a somewhat old demo.



So what does this have to do with games? Think of the possibilities that the Google Glass has. One of them on our minds is gaming. Of course you’ll see your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other notifications. Perhaps Netflix. Maybe even a calendar. However, how awesome would it be if you can connect Google Glass to some games and use it for added features.

How about Battlefield or Call of Duty? You’re playing a good game but you’re wondering about the score of the game and don’t want to take your vision off the field of battle. You could use Google Glass to look slightly up and see a version of the map. Maybe in Call of Duty you could use Google Glass to see where enemies are after a UAV.

Google Glass Pac-Man! You program a walking route on Google Maps and send it to Google Glass. When you’re out running, you see the little pellets and some ghosts. The more pellets, fruit, and ghosts you get the more points you gain. This kind of device could bring rewards to walking around and fitness. Perhaps you could walk around and see items for a game and pick them up to gain gifts or items for new content.

This is all speculation of course but the Google Glass project does bring up some very interesting possibilities. I, for one, would be excited to see what devs can come up for a device like this. What kind of gaming features would you like to see with the Google Glass?

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