Brace Yourselves, The Steam Summer Sale Is Coming

Steam. It is what I like to call the Reaper of Wallets. The Bank Account Slayer. The Rent Stress Machine. The Phone Bill Foregoer. I could go on but those are pretty terrible names so I’ll stop.

The Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us! While there is no firm date as of right now, there is major talk that we could see it start either tomorrow (the 27th), Monday, or… the least favorable… July 12th. Still, that means you best prepare now. Get your bills sorted out. Throw some extra paycheck money in the savings account. Write down a list of games you’ve been waiting to see deals for. Ensure that you know the difference between “need”, “want”, and “well, it is on sale…”

This may sound excessive but if you are a PC gamer and use Steam regularly, you know how hard it is to not spend money during these sales. You never know when Steam will throw a price down so much that it just becomes instinct to hit the buy button.

Also, would you like to see just how much money you’ve spent on Steam games so far? There is a pretty cool tool out there called the Steam Calculator which checks your ID and games list and totals how much you’ve spent. The only downside? It doesn’t take in account the dates and sales you may have taken part in. That means the price you see is the full retail amount, no sale prices. Still, it could surprise you.

I’m currently over $2,000… ouch. I know there will be plenty of people who will beat that but still, ouch. Share your crazy Steam spending stories and calculator prices below in the comments!


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