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How Could You Cancel These Games?!

Cancellations are probably some of the saddest occurrences in the gaming industry. Whether a publisher gives it a thumbs down, a studio closes, or some other company mishap takes place, there have been many games through the ages that were killed off before ever being experienced on our favorite platforms.

Here are a few games that looked promising, but unfortunately ended up on death row.


The Unseen was an Xbox exclusive that was in development by Tremor Entertainment. It was a dark, gritty game focused around Moira, a college student with dark powers who was able to see the evil creatures and undead that walk our world, but are not seen by normal people. The game looks awesome, but ultimately got the axe before its release.


Published by Midway and developed by Surreal Software, This is Vegas was meant to be an open-world game set in Sin City. It gave players an opportunity to live out their dreams as a Vegas high-roller with a Sims-esque feel. Sure, it’s no Grand Theft Auto, but it had some interesting crowd and gameplay mechanics, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the experience. And yeah, it got cancelled.

(Video NSFW)


It was done. It was completed, and it was ready to ship for the SNES. So why didn’t it release? Unfortunately, Star Fox 2 found itself in an odd position, right around the end of the console’s life cycle, with the N64’s impending release. Up against the superior visuals of the Saturn and PSX, they figured the game would not do so well, considering it was still in the SNES 2D styling. We did, of course, get Starfox 64 some time later, but fans will forever be lamenting the fact they never got to pick up the last adventure of Fox on the SNES.



Meant to be a sequel to the original Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Core was cancelled and eventually morphed into another project entirely. It featured a much different Joanna Dark than gamers were used to, with less feminine qualities and a razor-sharp edge to her look. But alas, we were never meant to play as this awesome version of her. We got the lackluster Perfect Dark Zero instead.


Based off of a one-shot Batman graphic novel of the same name, Gotham by Gaslight was a game being developed by Day 1 Studios. It featured Batman in a steampunk, victorian Gotham City, breaking from the norm and offering gamers a new look at the Batman Universe. There were only a handful of screens and an animation video released for it,and it was cancelled shortly after.


Looking to be the Pirate RPG I’ve always dreamed of, Armada of the Damned was a standalone Pirates experience that offered gamers the options of fame or infamy, depending on what decisions they made. Developed by Propaganda Games and Disney Interactive Studios, the game was fairly far in production before Mickey brought down the cancel hammer.



Meant to display the full power of current-gen consoles, Killing Day was a Ubisoft project that was eventually shelved partway through its production. It featured some interesting physics and looked pretty dang good for a game developed in 2005. Too bad it will never see the light of day.


A unique new take on the Zombie game, Dead Rush let players take control of amnesia-stricken protagonist Jake as he wandered through disaster-ridden Eastport trying to figure out what happened to him in a sandbox-style game. It featured a custom vehicle building mechanic and was in development by Treyarch before getting axed in 2004. Sadly, Treyarch never went back to making zombie games…oh, wait…


After seeing scans of images from the cancelled game, it’s still easy to say that it’s a bummer this game never came out. It was originally announced way back in 2002, then cast aside by Blizzard in 2006. There’s no word on whether or not the game will ever reach players, leaving us with nothing but images to fantasize about what could have been.


Winged badass with massive weapons? Check. Hordes of armies and monstrous enemies? Check. Impressive combat and fluid action that even Kingdoms of Amalur would be jealous of? Check. Release date? No dice.

Originally slated to hit the Nintendo Game Cube, publisher Capcom pulled the plug on Dead Phoenix after showing it off to gamers at E3 2003. It was too bad, too. Who doesn’t want to play as a violent Kid Icarus-type?


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