Your Greatest Gaming Moment

Whether it’s the epic cutscenes, the satisfying endings, victory over a maddeningly difficult boss, or being rewarded for making tough decisions, everyone has experienced their greatest gaming moment. The staff from Leviathyn shares the moments that have always stuck with them. What’s yours? Tell us about it in the forums!


My greatest gaming moment is actually pretty anti-climactic. It wasn’t epic, it wasn’t grand…actually, it was quiet. It was in the beginning of Oblivion, when you leave the sewers after the Emperor is killed. You just step out and look over this massive world. There was something so awesome about it…just looking out, seeing nothing but land stretching out so far before me, knowing I could travel any of it if I wanted to, become anything I wanted to be. That has always stuck with me, because it showcased so brilliantly the freedom and escapism that only video games can provide.


There are literally too many different epic video game moments for me to pick just one.  I mean, how could I forget the opening scene of Final Fantasy VI, or watching Sephiroth stab Aeris through, or when I realized your protagonist in Braid was actually the bad guy.  All those were mind-blowing, but one moment really proved to me that video games could be as mind-blowing as any other medium of expression:  Entering Rapture.  Irrational Studio’s masterpiece BioShock gripped me right from the beginning, and never let me go.  Never before had I seen such perfect environmental story-telling, and, as I slowly made my way through the broken dystopia, I knew video games would simply never be the same.  It opened my eyes to what video games are truly capable of, and it was one of those moments I’ll never forget.


Most standout moment in games to me would have to be the final scene in Mass Effect 3 when you have the chance to go around the base on Earth and say your last goodbyes to all of your squadmates. I played all three games and this moment was so beautifully bittersweet I found myself on the edge of tears a few times (yes…tears. I admit it). Seeing how far Jack had come, listening to Wrex give a moving speech to his warriors, holding Liara one last time before going to face Armageddon. It made me feel like I really, truly had a purpose, and I was willing to go die for it. Of course nothing tops talking to Garrus about having drinks on the beach in heaven, that Turian is the definition of badass. Regardless of whether or not you liked the conclusion of the series, this calm before the final storm was amazing, and I think it defined the entire game.


Even though it’s rather recent, I would have to bring up the moment in Uncharted 3 when Drake is hopelessly walking through the desert. I had to Google the name of the desert (Rub’ al Khali Desert), but I could not Google the way I felt when I first entered that desert. Even though all I saw was code, written by the developers at Naughty Dog, everything felt incredible.

Eventually, while walking through the desert, the camera pans out to show me the scale of the desert, which not only blew me away, but also hammered in the sense of hopelessness. The soundtrack only added to this unforgettable experience as I constantly wondered if Drake would actually make it out alive. Though lasting only several minutes, that was an incredibly memorable moment in all my years gaming.



It’s approaching 4AM, I’m on summer break from high school, and Metal Gear Solid 2 has been spinning in my PS2 since 8PM the night before. I’m completely unsure if I’m delirious or if what’s happening in the game is true. Why is Raiden naked and running around a giant Metal Gear? Where are all of these guards coming from? What the holy hell is the Colonel saying in my  ear? “I need scissors! 61!”? The hell is that?!

Then, the reveal: this entire plant mission has been a simulation, a recreation of MGS1. My “contacts” have all been recordings, constructed by an A.I. to make sure I do what I’m supposed to do. This was all an act, a test for the Patriots, and I was their unwitting pawn.

This was the moment that Metal Gear eclipsed every other gaming franchise in my life. This was when it became the best. It was also the first time I ever questioned my sanity while playing a game.

After finishing it, I immediately went to bed, woke up, and played the end again, just to be sure it really happened. That is the mark of a great game, and a moment I’ll never forget.


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  1. JS100

    My greatest gaming moment came 1.5 years into building my Star Wars Galaxies character. After covering the minimum requirements, I was walking along the deserts of Tattooine, when an old man approached me out of nowhere. He offered me to become a Padawan, and to begin training in the ways of the force. It took a long time(part time) to get to that stage. But it was the most satisfying moment in gaming for me. A close second was capping my Tauren Warrior at level 85 in WoW, which took me over 5 years, because WoW only keeps my interest for a few months at a time, and I continuously subscribe and unsubscribe from it when I feel like playing.

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