Darksiders 2: Death Wants to Save the World

Death seeks to save his brother War from destruction in Darksiders 2. The game takes place concurrently with the first Darksiders, in order to explain what Death was doing while War was busy. Death feels that War has been unjustly blamed for the early Apocalypse so he rides out to save him.

Death is a little bit different from his brother though, more agile and catlike. He also has a larger world to explore and can go off and do side quests not even related to the main quest.

There’s also a larger level of customization in weapons and skills, so that two players Deaths will can be very different in look and gameplay.

THQ feels that Darksiders 2 is closer to their original vision for how the series should look and play. There’s an openness to the gameplay as well. There are plenty of characters to interact with and things to explore, so each player can have as unique an experience as possible, they’re not trapped on a linear path until the game ends.

THQ will release Darksiders 2 on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U in August 2012.