Anyone Else Sick of the Wii U Yet?

Has anyone else had enough with the Wii U? We have been getting bombarded by articles about the console for months now. E3 made it even worse. Now, we had games to write about with loose details. We were told about the games, but not completely explained about the involvement with the Pad. We were left without a release date and then were told we had one. Then we didn’t. Then we did.

Just look at all the tags attached to this post!

Advertising had already done its part, Nintendo, I am going to buy the console. I am as excited for the thing as the next person, but let the excitement build. I am exhausted already and I haven’t even open the package yet. Let some things simmer a little. Let some excitement grow.

This is romance, Nintendo. Don’t give everything to us at once and often, make us work for it. 

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  1. Aric Cox

    I am very excited for the console, but feels like I barely know everything. Everything I read or see never seems concrete.

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