A Challenge to All the Married Couples

I remember some of my most relaxing and fun times I used to have were the weekends I chose to do nothing but play video games and eat delivered food. A sad scene, yes, but also a great way to unwind from a terrible week and spoil your brain and joy centers. Once married, however, these weekends dwindled and, after a having a kid, disappeared. This passing weekend I issued such a request; to take a break from everything and play video games for an entire weekend.

The day was amazing

I ruined myself on Papa John’s and touched base on games such as Max Payne 3. Although obtaining numerous knots in my back, I felt rested near the end and accomplished. I accomplished a weekend of no stress. I was capable of eating food I didn’t make myself and then be disappointed in.

My challenge to all spouses, men and women, is to ask for such a weekend. Remember your old lonesome days that had elements of fun in them. Devolve to your old self when you were incapable of walking and used your evolution-created thumbs to dial for a pizza. Spoil yourself, my friends, and remember the good ole times that existed before the good ole times.