5 Weapons I Don’t Want To See In Halo 4

Halo 4 is going to have all kinds of new weapons. With the Forerunners being added there is the chance to add so many new and cool guns. But while 343 Studios is making space for new weapons, I hope they make sure and cut out these old ones. They’re overpowered or they’re useless, and I don’t want to see them in Halo 4.

5. Needler

I love using the Needler. But I love using the Needler because it’s extremely over powered. They’ve tried to balance out the power of this weapon across the halo series, but it hasn’t become a fair gun yet. And in Halo 4 they shouldn’t try again. Scrap this idea and make a new weapon.

4. Gernade Launcher/Brute Shot

The idea of this weapon is cool. Shooting grenades that bounce around could also be useful. But in multiplayer it just makes things chaotic. Everybody releases the whole clip while they’re running that make little explosive balls fly around their enemies and their friends. 343 Studios, make a weapon that’s more useful than this trigger happy gun.

3. Spartan Laser

Sure it’s cool to get a kill with this weapon, but it’s the oddest combination of awesome and terrible at the same time. It’s arguably the strongest gun in multiplayer. But it takes a long time to use, alerts your opponent, and doesn’t have much ammo. I’d rather 343 Studios drop this weapon and give us a new heavy gun to play with.

2. Energy Hammer

First there was the Energy Sword and it was awesome. It required stealth and guile and perfect timing. It was a powerful weapon, but only if you used it right. And then they introduced the Energy Hammer, a complete mockery of the Energy Sword. A weapon that promotes button mashing and lack of tactics like this shouldn’t be included in Halo 4.

1. Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle has been in Halo since the beginning. The first time I played Halo I picked one of these up. The friend I was with yelled at me to throw it away, saying it was a useless weapon and only to be used as a last resort. And since Reach has been released, that belief reigns supreme. At least the Plasma Pistol takes down your shields and can be a real pain in the ass. 343 Studios get rid of the Plasma Rifle and make something better.