Where I would Like to See Gotham City Impostors Go

I am a huge advocate for Gotham City Impostors. Not only as a gamer, not only as a Batman nerd, and not only as a cheap ass who appreciates awesome games that don’t bust my wallet, but as a fan who is appreciative of fanboys making a fantastic addition to the genre. If you haven’t played the game yet, I highly encourage you give it a shot. The gameplay style is somewhat different as you are required to use hangliders, spring boots, grappling hooks, etc. as a support item and may feel unfamiliar when moving about the game. But, when you become used to this, the game is a joy to play. Not only is it fun and addictive, but the developers behind the game are also very generous. Since the game’s launch, there has been multiple free downloads and 2 downloads requiring payment.

The game is centered around the idea of fake Batmen and fake Jokers going at it with homemade weapons and gadgetry in their own attempt to serve up justice and mayhem. Remember the guys in the hockey pants at the beginning of Dark Knight? Think them versus joker goons.

I personally deem the game successful and the continued additions and DLC’s to the game seem to confirm this as well. I am one of many who hope this game eventually develops a sequel and here are some things I would like to see:

1) More maps of known landmarks in Gotham City such as Wayne Manor or the Bat Cave.

2) More villain themes. Although customization in the game is unbelievably fantastic, I would like to play as goons for Two-Face or The Penguin or even Killer Croc wannabes.

3) More gadgets! I love every gadget in this game and would just like to see what other homemade weapons and gadgets we can add to the mix.

4) Lastly, larger maps. The maps are decent sized in this game, but I would like to have more ways of using the sniping weapons. A larger map could help with this.


Is anyone else out there a fan of this game? What would you like to see added?