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2D Sidescrollers Never Looked so Good: Ninja Exorcist Episode One

New indie developer Nebula Studios first game will be Ninja Exorcist, a 2D sidescroller in the style of the much loved Shinobi and Castlevania. Nebula is based in Vancouver and boasts team members who worked on Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2 and FIFA soccer. They’ve also done artwork for games such as League of Legends and Extreme Road Trip.

Anyone who’s ever spent hours in a Seven Eleven feeding quarters into a Shinobi arcade game should be thrilled that Nebula Studios is making this game. But it’s not all just destroying demons and hopping walls and swinging from ropes. The story draws from Shinto and Buddhist mythology, which should give it a pretty unique flavor in the current game market.

Nebula says that Ninja Exorcist will feature “1080p hand-painted and hand-animated art” as well as “a beautiful score and deep, polished gameplay that combines action, stealth, exploration, dynamic character growth and game-altering upgrades.”

Players become the Ninja Prodigy Daigo, who must discover the true nature of the seven realms of existence, and also find out what the deal is with the great dragon that’s appeared in the sky and why it’s uprooting demons and using them in an attempt to murder all life. That’s where the “Exorcist” part comes in I guess, though it looks more like he’s a demon exterminator.

The game allows you to kill with your sword in regular combat but the Ninja Exorcist can also use stealth kills to take out an opponent silently. There’s a branching skill tree system so you can improve your Ninja Exorcist to your taste.

What could improve on a game with beautiful animations and backgrounds, a great sounding score, and cool Ninja Exorcist action? What about the game’s price being a only a dollar? That sounds like a winner to me!

Ninja Exorcist is available only on Xbox Live for now. Once all three episodes are released, then there’ll be a PC version released.