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Dreamcast Revisits I Would Like to See

There were many games on the Sega Dreamcast that I throughly enjoyed and desired sequels to before I realized the console was doomed. Jet Grind Radio was one game that, synopsis wise I had no interest in, but the gameplay and style sucked me into the action and I immediately became a fanboy that told the other 3 Dreamcast owners I knew to buy the game also. The music was great, the animation was original, and the action was over the top, but not difficult to execute.

I have not desired to wear inline skates since I was thirteen, but the announcement of Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA, PSN, and PC has me itching to grind some rails.

The announcement of Jet Set Radio forced me to remember the other titles I hoped to see the sequel to, but never did. Here are a few I would like;


1) Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage

This game was fantastic! If you were unfamiliar with the manga you were essentially introduced into a game in which a man with a gigantic sword hacks and slashes his way through all types of enemies with an amazing story to follow with it.




2) Powerstone 2

The gameplay here is similar to Super Smash Brothers in that many different characters fight one another at the same time with all sorts of cool weapons. The gameplay was hectic and insanely fun and is one to be desired for XBLA and PSN.






3) Nightmare Creatures 2

A sequel for this game was made, but never released. In this game you played a bandaged, axe-wielding, psycho that fights demons. What else do I need to say?




4) MDK2

Again, a third was planned and not released. MDK2 was a very beautiful and fun game in which you played a character capable of releasing drones, sniping with his helmet, calling for airstrikes from his dog, using his cape to float and fly, etc. The game was fun to play and had an amazing landscape to shoot your way through.





5) Omikron: The Nomad Soul

I constantly remember this game is being one of the first large scale, open world games I played. The cities were massive and you were seemingly capable of entering any building that existed within it. In the game you are playing detective to some murders that you come to suspect are caused by demons. You have the capability to die and reincarnate inside a different characters body throughout the game. I remember the game being complex, but also addictive.


Any of these games ring a bell? Any sequels you were waiting for?