Ugh, Another DLC Season Pass

Now its just getting ridiculous.  First it was Mortal Kombat, which almost kind of made sense.  Four fighters were eventually coming, and you could collect them all for a discounted price.  Of course, you had to buy in with no knowledge of who those fighters would be, but a little good faith on the consumers side never hurt, right?  Besides, NetherRealm had made a very good fighter, they deserved some good will.

Then came Gears of War 3, and things started getting a little trickier.  Obviously Gears wasn’t going to be rolling out just a few character skins, so it begged the question of why we needed a Season Pack for an array of obviously disparate content.   Gears is a especially polarizing game; most people seem to stick to one game mode, be it Horde, Beast or old-fashioned multiplayer.  So why group all those into one?  But whatever.

Now Darksiders II is offering a Season Pass, and it is so perplexing that it makes the first game’s storyline look almost sane.  Here is how THQ explains it:

  • If you pre-order (from anywhere) Argul’s Tomb is free since you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition. Packs 2 and 3 can then be purchased at a discounted rate through the Season Pass.
  • If you pre-order from ShopTHQ you get packs 1-3 for free (since you get the Limited Edition and the Season Pass).
  • If you don’t pre-order you can buy Argul’s Tomb and the other packs individually, or you can buy Argul’s Tomb and the Season Pass.

Well, that sums it up.  Based on the absurdity of it, I’m going to assume it was written by one of the game’s story writers, because it too is incomprehensible ramblings.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first Darksiders and am looking forward to the sequel, but I literally have no idea what happened.  I was clearly a Horseman of the Apocalypse, and, um, I think some guy needed hearts…for something.  You get the drift.

Of course, we have no idea of the quality of these DLCs (or the game itself, for that matter),or details on pricing, but it feels dicey to me.  Darksiders doesn’t exactly have the brand recognition of Gears or Mortal Kombat, so it will be interesting to see what kind of support this particular Season Pass will get.  One good thing to note:  No day one DLC.  Whether you are in favor of it or not, nobody likes to pay extra fora game before they’ve even played it.  Damn you persuasive GameStop clerk!