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Top 5 Angriest People In Gaming

Everybody gets angry once in a while. Relationships, jobs, family, friends, money; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of things on this planet that can fill us with rage. For some people that rage is untamable. Some of the angriest people I have ever encountered come from the world of video games.  To better illustrate what I mean, I made this list of the Top 5 Angriest People in Gaming.

WARNING! Several of these videos contain violence, language and [SPOILERS]. If you don’t want to watch them you don’t HAVE to.

#5 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

The platinum-haired antagonist from Final Fantasy VII is a revenge filled harbinger of destruction. Formerly a member of the group called SOLDIER, the same organization that hero Cloud came from, Sephiroth is the result of a Shinra experiment. When he finds out that he was created using the cells of an extraterrestrial life form called Jenova, he decides to wage war on the world by summoning a meteor to destroy it and in the process murders [SPOILER ALERT] a kind hearted young woman named Aeris. While his rage against Shinra may seem justified at times, destroying the entire planet (and Aeris) is a little bit harsh.

#4 Kratos (God of War series)

Yes, that is right, everyone else’s shoe-in for the angriest man in video games is my number 4. The Spartan warrior is a tornado of fury and devastation. Fueled by the murder of his family and the betrayal of the Gods of Olympus, Kratos sets out to destroy all of those he hates, eventually leading to the destruction of the entire Greek Pantheon of Gods. Very few can say that their fury destroys Gods. Kratos, my hat goes off to you sir.

#3 Akuma (Street Fighter Saga)

Akuma is the epitome of rage and evil. Straying from the peaceful Hadō practiced by Street Fighter heroes Ryu and Ken, Akuma embraced the principle of Sutsui no Hadō which translates “Surge of the Intent to Kill”. Akuma’s name means “devil” in Japanese and his original name Gouki (changed when he came to America) means “great devil”. Cold, stoic, and deadly Akuma is the embodiment of evil in the Street Fighter Saga and refers to himself as the “denizen of hell”. His Raging Demon attack is nearly unstoppable and absolutely deadly. Only one man has ever challenged this attack, and he is my number 2.

#2 Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

Asura is one of the most rage-filled characters to grace a game to this day. The demigod of Wrath is full of insatiable rage that transforms him into numerous forms. Another story somewhat resemblant of Kratos, Asura’s rage is fueled by betrayal and the death of his wife. Asura’s wrath (hm…interesting) is so powerful that he, at one point, takes on the form of pure hatred; a demonic looking, six armed, being of unimaginable force capable of destroying planets. He even grows to the size of a planet. In DLC released for Asura’s Wrath, Asura faces Akuma in a fight that lasts 500 years! That is truly one of the most epic fights I have ever witnessed. It was in this fight that Asura not only challenged Akuma’s Raging Demon, but he countered several strikes.

#1 James Rolfe (Angry video Game Nerd)

No, he’s not a character in any video game per se, but to say that the AVGN is not the angriest man ever to associate himself with the industry would be blasphemy. James has pooped on more game systems than Kratos has bedded Greek whores. The Nerd’s fury could easily turn our planet into a shower of pebble sized globules; however he gracefully directs his anger towards the worst games to come into existence. This man is so filled with rage he beat Bugs Bunny to a pulp. Challenge him if you wish, but those who have tried have only come back with a larger vocabulary and smelling of a road kill skunk.

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