Trailer Breakdown: Dead Space 3

Finding himself stranded on an icy planet and once again pursued by hordes of the disgusting Necromorphs, Isaac Clarke is back! EA and Visceral Games showed us a first look at the trailer for the new survival horror title at E3. Among the many changes we’ve seen and heard about, players can expect a heavy focus on action, the return of some familiar faces, and the introduction of two-player co-op. What are our impressions of the trailer?

(Dead Space 3 Trailer NSFW)


I don’t know how much EA paid Michael Bay to direct the Dead Space 3 trailer, but that persuasive bastard sure has me excited to play it.  Seriously, that trailer has more explosions in it than the previous two entries in the series combined.  That could be a good thing; people feared that ramping up the action would decrease the horror value, but Dead Space 2 was the best of both worlds.  Maybe Visceral is pulling out all the stops for this one, and it certainly looks like EA is throwing their full support behind it. One thing:  Co-op looks interesting, but I saw a lot of automatic weapons and not nearly enough plasma cutter.  I don’t want to play the next installment of Gears of War, I want a survival horror.  It looks like Visceral just might pull it off.


If you know me (which very few do) then you know what I’m going to say about this trailer. Co-op makes games better! Though this trailer shows very little gameplay I can say that this addition will be great. When GT.TV showed off footage just last week they showed that the co-op wont only add to the fun but it also adds narrative to the story! How cool is that?! They made a game and a half for us to play. That is just amazing.Nothing could make the Dead Space series better than letting a friend dissect Necromorphs by your side. I think it is safe to say that Dead Space 3 will be just as epic as the trailer, if not even more epic. After all, nobody does horror like Isaac Clarke.


I’m a fan of Dead Space. It fills the creepy need in my gaming life. It doesn’t try to be explicitly scary because it knows what it does really well. Dead Space was a very memorable game and the beginning of a great new IP. Dead Space 2 brought some more interesting story elements in with the same creepiness but a bit more enhanced. Dead Space 3? I’m hoping to see more of an emphasis on the story mode and Isaac than the co-op. The co-op is a cool idea and I’ve wanted to play Dead Space with a friend before but the writing we saw in the demo at E3 was just atrocious. It was almost just as bad as the writing in Act IV in Diablo 3.

“Wow I thought that was going to be it!”

“Hah, hah. Yeah.”

Oy vey…



While Visceral has reassured fans that the horror of Dead Space will indeed have a front-and-center role in DS3, this trailer is certainly suggesting otherwise. A heavy focus on action, powerful weapons, intense set pieces, and hokey dialogue are all making me really uneasy about the game’s new direction. It’s starting to look more “bro shooter” than survival horror.

On top of that, I think I’m the only person in the world who thinks the co-op is looking to be a bad idea. The whole purpose of survival horror is to take all the comfort away from the player and make them feel uneasy and slightly powerless. With co-op, you run the risk of taking this out of the equation completely. Add to that the fact that both you and your partner have powerful weaponry and can watch each other’s backs, and we’re facing a massive departure from what made Dead Space so great in the beginning.

Of course, the game’s eventual release is still pretty far off, and I’m sure more details and footage will emerge before long, so I might just end up eating my words.



I haven’t played the first two Dead Space games, and I don’t know a whole lot about them. But after watching the Dead Space 3 trailer, I’m reconsidering going back and playing them so I know what’s going on when this game gets released. I like the new environment shown in the video. I feel like it will be harder to make an outdoors setting as creepy as a broken ship’s, but I’m sure it will turn out cool if done creatively. It also looks like there are multiple levels to the story line, which something a lot of titles seem to be doing. If the love story shown interacts well with the main plot I’m sure this game will be as interesting as it is exciting.