Aliens: Colonial Marines: When the going gets Tough, the Tough Call in Reinforcements!

Gearbox software is calling Aliens: Colonial Marines a “true sequel” to James Cameron’s Aliens film. Players in this first-person shooter will have the same weapons available that the marines in the movie did, including flamethrowers, pulse rifles, and motion trackers. Hopefully the power loader will be in that list as well, plus some other weapons we haven’t seen yet.

Players will roam the environments of the Alien series, such as LV-426, Hadley’s Hope, and the Sulaco, where they’ll hunt the Xenos down and exterminate them before the Aliens can do the same to the Colonial Marines. These places will be lovingly detailed and filled with xenomoprhs trying to kill the players. But the Colonial Marines in the movie, while deadly, weren’t quite enough to take out the Alien menace. So Gearbox has made the Colonial Marines in their game fully customizable in order to make sure that they can survive what’s coming at them. Players can earn experience to get new weapons, perks and looks for their squad.

Like in Gearbox’s other games, Aliens: Colonial Marines will feature “Drop-in/Drop-out” Co-op play. What this means is that if the Aliens are more than one single Colonial Marine can handle, then the player can call in up to three other players to form a squad of four to crush the Xenos. The entire game campaign can be played with four players, each able to complete self-contained missions as well as helping out fellow players when needed. Gearbox also has additional multiplayer modes planned for the game.

There’s a Collector’s Edition pack available, and it’s full of wonderful things like four character models from the Aliens movie (Hudson, Hicks, Drake and Apone. No Vasquez? Seriously?) and a replica of Ripley’s power loader with a Alien Hive box.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be unleashed on the world on February 12, 2013, on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The release date for the Wii U will be revealed later.

If this game does as well as it should, then maybe Gearbox will think about doing a game I’d love to see: Aliens vs. Predator vs. Colonial Marines!