Now You’re Teaching With Portals

Valve has announced a new initiative to bring gaming to the classroom with Steam for Schools. Under this new initiative, Valve is giving away free copies of Portal 2 to teachers and classrooms.

How will Portal 2 help students? Valve is using the game’s thinking methods and creativity as avenues to help children better their cognitive responses, reasoning skills, and creativity uses the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC. Students will play through levels and then create their own.

Valve has launched a website to help teachers get ready to employ Steam for School. Also, once you have signed up, you are given access to a forum that allows teachers to talk about how to best bring Portal to the classroom.

Valve has always brought a good puzzle nature to their games where you have to think about how to reach a destination or survive an intense scene. This is just another way that the PC giant can help outside of just offering the best digital distribution software, largest digital PC game catalog, some of gaming’s best releases, and a new found hate for the number 3.