The World First Hardcore Inferno Diablo Kill Has Happened

Around 4:45am Leviathyn time, Diablo was finally vanquished. Not just any Diablo, though. This was the Hardcore Inferno Diablo. If you aren’t up to speed on Blizzard’s recent release, Inferno mode is ridiculous. It may be getting patched up as this post is being written, but it is still very much harder than the previous difficulty in the list: Hell. Also, when you take in account the Hardcore addition to this feat, it gets even more ridiculous.

In Hardcore mode, you cannot die. No, not that you are invincible. I mean you CAN NOT die or you will lose your character. Forever. I recently saw a video on Kotaku showing a player dying at the end of Act II in Inferno while playing a Hardcore character. His reaction was not only priceless but horrific. I can’t imagine losing something I put so much work and hours into without even an ounce of a chance to get it back.

Well, Kripparrian was able to do the nigh impossible. He has completed all four difficulties with a Hardcore character. A Barbarian, at that!

Congratulations, many congratulations, goes to Kripparrian for not only doing this feat but also doing it before this mornings patch which will be changing the difficulty of enemies in Inferno. Wow, so many feats here. Hardcore. Inferno Diablo. Pre-nerf patch. Around 45k viewers. Below you can find some screenshots taken by viewers and posted on Reddit’s r/gaming section (click to enlarge).


Update: The Plot thickens! Bashiok, Community Manager for Blizzard Entertainment, had a very interesting tweet saying that this was not the first Hardcore Inferno Diablo kill. Here is the tweet in the question. However, he does confirm that it was the first one publicized and known about. He did not give away any names or clues as to who or how many times this has happened. Still, the achievement and feat alone is still amazing. It was fun to see Kripparrian livestream this.


Update #2: It looks like Bashiok was wrong afterall. After checking spreadsheets, he has congratulated Kripparrian and Krippi (the wizard who assisted him and did some slick playing himself) for the world first Hardcore Inferno Diablo kill!