Rage: The Scorchers Uncovered by PEGI Classification

A bandit clan that was cut from Rage may be making its way back via DLC. New PEGI classification was uncovered by siliconera for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. The classification was filed just last week so this is fresh news for a game that hasn’t had any in quite some time.

Rage came out back in October of last year to a so-so reaction. It seemed like many did not fully understand what the game was going to be. There was a lot of people thinking it would be open world like Fallout 3/New Vegas. This was not the case. Still, Rage was pretty fun for what it was. I’d like to say that Rage 2 will be much better but given the way id releases games, we may see it around 2018.

By the way, that image up there is a Scorcher bandit. Notice the face and body paint in the shape of flames? I see what they did there.