World of Mapcraft Allows You To Visit Azeroth, Google Style

Tiny Speck’s founder Cal Henderson has been a busy man. You may remember that name associated with an MMO called Glitch. Well, Cal is now associated in some way with another MMO. A pretty big one, actually. Cal has exported textures from World of Warcraft to create a Google Maps experience for Azeroth, Outland, Vash’jir, Deepholm, all of the Battlegrounds, Raids, cities, and dungeons. Literally, every single map that is in the World of Warcraft right now.

You can zoom in an see every spec of terrain that you would normally see on the top right of your UI’s minimap but in stunning full screen glory. Here is the link to Cal’s blog with a lot of information about the custom Google Maps experience.

Finally, here’s the link to World of Mapcraft! Enjoy losing yourself in the terrain madness.