Australia’s Import Business Just Got Scared, R 18+ Games Are Back!

It seems like since Grand Theft Auto III, Australia has had a serious problem with video games. Originally, their ratings board did not include a mature section such as our ESRB does with the ‘M’ rating. At the tail end of 2011, the Australian government instituted the R18+ rating. This was actually a bit unnecessary at the time as any game that did not fit the MA15+ rating was refused classification in the country. Australians have been left out of so many games because of this ruling.

However, those days are gone. The Minister for Home Affairs and Justice has announced that the R18+ rating will finally be used! It looks like the legislation won’t be in effect until the beginning of 2013, literally (January 1st). Still, it is a day for celebration as gamers. More people get to experience the great titles coming out and Australians finally get to just go to a regular store and buy something like Fallout, BioShock, and 50 Cent Bulletproof.

You can read the official report here on the Minister in question’s homepage. Yay for Australia!

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