Plague Inc Strategies: Destroy the Humans More Effectively!

Having a bit of trouble destroying those pesky humans in Greenland and Iceland? Finding that you’re plague is lacking lethality? Well here are some tips to help you finally be the best pathogen you can be.

 Be Infectious! Be, Be Infectious!

   A good pathogen needs a strong base of countries to survive. It just takes one country to overcome you and then it’s a slide to the Land of Cured Diseases, which isn’t a fun place at all. So upping the transmission vectors before you develop symptoms or abilities is a good idea. Fungus is a bit of an exception to this, as they have a spore ability that spreads them. It’s cheap in the beginning, so spend a lot of points in it to make sure you have the best possible infection rate. Once you’ve got most of humanity sick, then it’s time to turn the screws and ramp up the symptoms. Also, being terribly infectious nets you more points to use for evolutions, which will come in handy in the next step.

Understand the Importance of Good Genetics

   When the cure starts is not the time to develop all the ways to slow it down, that’s actually a little too late. A good infection rate nets you lots of points, so use those to start the process of making it harder for the humans to cure you. Genetic Reshuffle is probably the most useful, though the others have their place as well, but you want to start getting ready for their cure before they even begin it.

You’ve Got Time, Let the Points Build Up, and Stay Under the Radar

    So you’re doing a great job of being Infectious, countries are turning red at an alarming rate, but it’s not time to unleash your deadly power just yet. Early on the plague and DNA bubbles come fast and furious, later on, not so much. Since the pesky humans will try to cure you once they finally notice you, it’s best not to develop symptoms early on to maximize the time you can spend infecting the world. If that means Devolving some symptoms that randomly pop up, then by all means, do so. The death rate isn’t your main concern at first, getting into countries is.

Evolution Baby!

   There’s a lot to accomplish to become the premiere pathogen on the planet, and that includes paying close attention to the evolution process and using it well. If you see a banner announcing doctors being able to cure diseases with certain symptoms, then avoid those at all costs. Very cold and very hot areas can be tough nuts to crack. Early on in the game, you should evolve your pathogen (with some of the massive bank of points you’re amassing) to endure both cold and heat, but only to the first level. No sense in over-evolving, those are points you can spend elsewhere. If that proves not to be enough, then evolve the second stage.

 Know When to Move in for the Kill

When the cure starts, it’s time to start the killing. All the transmission vectors and abilities in the world won’t save your pathogen if you don’t evolve lethal enough symptoms. Fever and nausea are good, but tumors and skin lesions spread the pathogen faster, and they’re higher level abilities kill quickly. Paranoia and insomnia will make it harder for countries to research the cure. Take one path to its highest level before evolving more low level symptoms.

Go Now and Infect! Take down the Humans!