vid games

Game Hoarders!

How many games should a person posses at any given time? I am somewhat obsessive with keeping things organized and ridding myself of any type of abundance that has no purpose. One of these things I have to periodically do an inspection of is the number of video games I owe. Generally, I don’t  allow myself any more than four at a time. I have come to find that four is the maximum number of games I would really play at any given time and still maintain the capacity to know what is happening in each one. The rest of the games I loan out, sell, or trade-in before I return home to marvel at the cleanliness of my petite library.

However, I have been to friends homes where they have dozens of games piled beneath, beside, and behind their console. I would dig through the clutter and pick up games covered in dust like some ancient artifact. I ask politely if my friend had any need of the game and he would wave me off as if it was absurd to think of ridding himself of the disc.

I wouldn’t be able to stand that kind of environment. I hate looking at anything in my home that collects dust or sits in place day after day never being used. I kinda want to begin a career as a “Video Game Picker” and go house to house requesting to sift through people’s video games collection for hidden rarities or high trade-in values. I would be capable of fulfilling my need to organize these messes while also profiting. I would then go home and select one of my four games to play; each of which would be similar in button configuration so I wouldn’t have to go through that awkward adjustment time. 


Whats the most number of games you have had at any given time?