Five Vampire Videogame Franchises that need to be Un-Staked

Vampires sneak into every genre of gaming. Sometimes as main characters other times as enemies to be destroyed. Listed below are some vampire games I’d like to see return from the grave, and also what I think the chances of returning are.

Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption and Bloodlines

White Wolf unleashed its popular roleplaying game on computers in 2000 with Redemption and again in 2004 with Bloodlines. Both games were popular, though Bloodlines ended up being more so due to a revival of sorts in 2009, despite the bugs that plagued it even on release day and the ultimate demise of its developer Troika in 2005. Fan support of the game was so strong that community patches for the bugs were developed.

Chances of Reviving:  It’s Happening (Sort of)

CCP (EVE Online) and White Wolf are working on a World of Darkness MMO, but there’s no telling when it’ll be done. There’s an artwork trailer that looks amazing, but without actual gameplay screenshots or something substantial, this game is as smoky and hard to see as a vampire in Mist Form.

Legacy of Kain

There are five games in the LoK series: Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance, and while the story of Kain and his progeny Raziel came to a sort of end in Defiance, there was still no true resolution. While some titles in the series were more popular than others, interest in Kain and Raziel remains among fans.

Chances of Reviving: Maybe soon, maybe never. Like a good vampire, a new Legacy of Kain game exists only in rumors. There’s been some buzz about an online paid survey that asked about it, and developers have said they’d maybe like to work on it, but there’s no solid evidence that another game is in the works. And yet, the rumors about it persist . . .

Blade the Vampire Hunter (Marvel Comics)

A half-vampire (sometimes called a Dhampir though not in Marvel usually), Blade stalks the city streets taking out his full vampire cousins because he hates them all and they need to die for good. But as vampire hunters go, Blade has gotten the shaft with video games. Poor graphics, terrible gameplay, and just all around suckage plague this guy like vampire bats. So Blade needs a good game, and with today’s game technology, there’s no reason it couldn’t be awesome!

Chances of Revival: Slim to None. The Blade movies are long over, and the TV show, while good, just wasn’t well received. Unless some major Blade movie or comic comes along, this is one franchise that may never get the game it deserves.


Outlaw Jericho Cross gets turned into a vampire on his last train robbery job. He hunts the vampire that bit him for an organization called Darkwatch. Things just get more complicated from there. The game features missions during the day, when Jericho has no vampiric powers, and also ones at night, where he has full use of all his abilities. It also featured a cool vampiric horse. A sequel was actually planned but never completed.

Chances of reviving: Doesn’t Look Likely. While there was a Darkwatch 2 planned, it was eventually cancelled.


First, wipe those terrible movies from your mind. That is not Bloodrayne! (haven’t seen them? Lucky you.) Sweet, deadly, Rayne, red-haired daughter of the vampire Kagan. Born a Dhampir, like Blade, she seeks to take out her father before he can re-assemble a demon with the unwitting help of some Nazis. She’s beautiful, deadly, has a killer wit and a bloodlust that puts most regular vamps to shame. With her trusty arm blades she hacks her way through every enemy and a lot of the scenery too. Rayne starred in two mildly popular games a while ago and then a well received sidescroller last year, showing that she’s still got plenty of life left.

Chances of Revival: Unknown. Majesco is still all about the latest release, Bloodrayne: Betrayal, and there’s no information about what’s up next. This is the series I most want to see rise again. Maybe the popularity of Betrayal will start Majesco thinking about it. I hope so.

Zombies are king right now, but vampires are always hovering in the background, waiting to snatch the title back from them. Reviving one or more of these games would go a long way towards completing that goal.