With “Wreck-It Ralph”, Disney Might Just Get What Gaming’s All About

Animation and family film supergiant Disney recently released the trailer for “Wreck-It Ralph”, a game about a classic arcade villain who’s going back on his decision to become a bad guy. With the help of fellow characters old and new (and more cameos from classic game characters than you can shake a stick at), Ralph begins hopping around in game genres in an attempt to find himself a new place as a hero. John C. Reilly voices Ralph in the trailer below:

After watching this trailer, I’m happy to say that I’ll be seeing this movie when it comes out this holiday season. It has an insane number of cameos, pokes fun at some of the classic characters in gaming, cracks wise at styles, and has a seemingly promising amount of parody on game genre conventions today. It proves that it isn’t lacking in the humor department by taking a page from Pixar’s book of ingenious writing. All around, if it stays true to what we see here in the trailer, we can expect to finally see an accurate and clever depiction of gaming and how it has evolved over the years. It’s a strange thing to say, but out of all the studios in Hollywood that have ventured into the game/film crossover, I think Disney is proving here that they’re the ones who finally “get” it.

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