The Coolest Aliens in Gaming

Whether they spit acidic goo, teleport, melee, or even pick up a weapon and use it against you, aliens have always been one of the coolest sets of characters and enemies since the very dawn of gaming itself. Join us as we take a look at some of the most memorable and beloved aliens in video games.

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The Covenant

Ever the thorn in Master Chief’s side, the Covenant are the most feared alien soldiers in the galaxy. Armed to the teeth with a wide variety of weapons, spanning from needlers to energy swords, the Covenant have proven time and time again that they are to be feared amongst all the alien races in the Halo universe.


The Chimera

With six eyes and an infinite amount of bad intentions, the Chimera are one of the most destructive and dangerous of all alien races. They’re nothing but trouble for us humans after they take over the earth and start changing it to suit their needs. And they’re ugly to boot.


Zero from Warp

While he may look like a character out of a Disney Channel show, this little guy is just as lethal as he is cute. With his odd ability to warp into people’s bodies and cause them to explode in a bloody mess, he’s a character who’ll make you laugh as you shift uncomfortably in your seat, slightly disturbed.


The Necromorphs

The bringers of terror in the Dead Space franchise, the Necromorphs are twisted versions of the human form that range from being disturbing to flat-out gross. They’re frightening, they’re deadly, and after having run-in after run-in with the unsettling creatures, it’s no surprise Issac is as mentally unstable as he is.


The Locust

A nasty subterranean race, the Locust range from being ugly lizard-like men to creepy reptilian-insect looking crosses. They tunnel underground, bursting out on the surface and bringing the pain from their emergence holes with their individual abilities and attacks, be it wielding guns, spewing forth embryos of Locust, or exploding around you like a living bomb.



The Krogan

While we could easily do an entire list of the races of Mass Effect, there are a few in particular that always specifically resonated with me. The Krogan are one of them. With the face of a prehistoric lizard and the build of a tank, the Krogan are considere the most fearsome of warriors in the Mass Effect universe. They’re more than adept with weapons, and will charge at their enemies like a unbridled freight train, should the need arise. They’re a bitter bunch who have been burned by other races repeatedly, leaving them to seclude themselves on their wounded homeworld Tuchanka.

The Reapers

What’s not awesome about the Reapers? They’re sentient machines, and they’re hellbent on completing one objective: come out of hiding every 50,000 years and wipe out all life as we know it. They use mind control, manipulation, abduction, and even reanimation of corpses to help them work toward achieving their goal. It doesn’t get much more bad guy than that, and that’s why we love them.



The Combine

The joker to Gordon Freeman’s Batman, the Combine are the biggest annoyance to the good doctor. They’ve taken over Earth, turned it into a nightmarish wasteland, and will do whatever it takes to stop Gordon Freeman before he stops them.


The Alien Invaders from XCOM

Yes, before it was a PC remake and a first-person shooter, XCOM was a PC strategy game that left many frustrated as they attempted to rally the troops to defeat alien invaders. The invaders gave us an unlikely advantage in combat when we were successfully able to use their weaponry against them. Plus, they look exactly like all of the aliens we see in horror movies from the 70’s and on late night “documentaries” about extraterrestrials on Earth.


Crypto from Destroy All Humans

In this hilariously ridiculous role-reversal game, players take control of Cryptosporidium 137 (hence, Crypto), who’s been charged with destroying the human race to harvest their DNA in an attempt to boost the life quality of his race through cloning. The game was wacky, and Crypto had an amazing array of weapons at his fingertips, including an anal probe, which is exactly what it sounds like, and is part of what made him so cool.


Space Invaders

The original aliens in the original shooter, Space Invaders are just about as classic as a retro game can get. They’ve become something of an icon in all their pixelated glory, but are no less frustrating when they manage to outsmart you. Being the great-grandaddy of aliens in gaming, we have to hand Space Invaders the top honors on this list.