Journey PSn 2

What’s Next for Thatgamecompany?

Developer Thatgamecompany, creator of PS3 exclusives Journey, Flow, and Flower, have announced that they have the funding to break away and release their own games independently.

After raising a hefty $5.5 million dollars and receiving the backing of Benchmark Capital, the company now has a sustainable platform to establish themselves on and move forward without any outside help. With the release of Journey, the highest-selling game on the PSN, they have fulfilled their three-game commitment to Sony.

So, what’s next for the little giant? The most obvious move for them to make would be to market their games on mobile devices and Steam, which are independent developer-friendly and don’t have the same hurdles to jump through as XBLA or the PSN. As a predominantly 360 gamer, I’d love for nothing more than to have TGC’s uniqe and artistic games grace my console. But as of now, they haven’t released any specifics on their intentions moving forward. Expect to hear more from them in the near future as they begin their foray into the industry as an independent studio.