The Humble Bundle 6: Games That Should Be Added

With the Humble Indie Bundle V over it’s time to set our sights on what could be included in the next group of games. The Humble Bundle Company has raised a lot of money for charity while giving us some of the best indie titles available. With another Humble Bundle possibly coming out by the end of the year, here are some of the titles I’d like to see it announced with.


This Xbox indie title would be an excellent first game to add to the next humble bundle. So far the developer has made no official statement concerning FEZ’s entrance to systems other than the Xbox. But I believe it is only a matter of time. It’s a great side scrolling puzzle game with a solid story and some awesome twists. Super Meat Boy and Braid were added to the Humble Bundle V, and adding FEZ to the next bundle would complete the trio that was shown in Indie Game: The Movie.

Desktop Dungeons

This alpha version of this game is downloadable for free from the developer’s website. And after playing the alpha and beta versions of the game I’m hooked. It’s simple dungeon crawling feel has some unique features that make this game one of a kind. This game is great to play when you only have 15 minutes, but it’s also easy to waste hours on. When Desktop Dungeons releases the full version of the game it’d be a great part of the Humble Bundle 6.

Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock is a recently released indie dungeon crawling game. The 3D graphics and interface are advanced for an indie game, and look clean and professional. The game really feels like old dunegoning PC games from the 90s with a more updated look. You find clues, solve puzzles, and fight a large variety of different monsters. Adding an RPG like this would defiantly add some good variety to the Humble Bundle 6.


Minecraft might be too popular of and big of a game to come out on the Humble Bundle 6 package. But at the same time, Notch has been one of the organizations biggest contributors. During the Humble Bundle V Notch donated over $12,000. Who knows, maybe in six months Minecraft sales will have dropped and he’ll donate the game to be included in the next Humble Bundle.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect doesn’t have a set release date yet, but so far it looks like a game that’s right up my alley. From what I can tell it seems like a prision simulation game where the player builds cells, kitchens, bathrooms, guard posts, and other prison buildings while hiring guards and patrols. Simulation games are one of my favorite genres and it’s good to see an indie producer making a new simulation game in a new setting. It’s probably a little too new to be on the Humble Bundle 6, but I think that it looks like a great candidate.

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