Adventures of Shuggy

The Adventures of Shuggy, by Smudged Cat Game,  can warm the heart of any puzzle enthusiast. From it’s witty lines to the comic style cut scenes,  Shuggy will leave you with the impression of a challenging game, great plot, and music to remember.



Adventures of Shuggy

Shuggy has recently inherited a mansion and is on duty to clean house. Each location of the mansion is broken down by puzzles, completing a puzzle will give you a key, which you can  unlock other parts of the mansion. Gates (levels) will list how many keys you need to unlock these sections of the property.

What I found very fun, was the array of puzzle types. Some where you have to control Shuggy by rotating the screen to others where you have to control more than one Shuggy. The puzzles are challenging enough too, which is a plus. With enough change in the puzzles layout and making them a challenge, this completes the game play for me.  I’ve had plenty of puzzle games where they become very repetitive with no change in the rules for the puzzle, that’s not the case with Adventures of Shuggy.

The most challenging part of the game is getting use to the controls, although there is an option to change the function keys in the menu. Shuggy sometimes wants to move too fast, resulting in a lot of deaths. Adventures of Shuggy is out on the Xbox Live as of last year, this game screams controller. Luckly, I have one for my pc.

  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Cool Story-line
  • Shuggy moves too quick


Adventures of Shuggy Paused

The design of the game looks like a mix between a comic book and the cartoon show Invader Zim. The overall cartoon look and scenes in game play work very well together. The graphic design that went into this game stands out to me, it looks very well thought out. All the sprites int he game seem to match, backgrounds blend well and it’s easy enough to tell where you need to go, and what to watch out for. I love the menu screens and intros for each new level, you’ll be given some pointers too! All the little gates for each puzzle animate when being unlocked, level screens give off a 3d rotation before playing. All these little details in the game really give off great execution.

  • Well Designed Graphics
  • Matching / Blending Screens
  • Attention to Small Detail



Adventures of Shuggy is a must buy for people who love puzzle platformers. You’ll be surprised at how much fun this little game truly can be.

You can get the Adventures of Shuggy via Steam for a limited time only this launch weekend for 7.99, after it’s 10. You can also buy it direct on their website,, no DRM.

Stephen reviews Adventures of Shuggy for the PC.

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Review Score - 9.5


The puzzles are really challenging, graphics and sound rock

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