Your Worst Rage Quit Moment

We’ve all experienced it…that indescribable, irrational sense of rage that is ignited only by the infuriating moments of a game, be they boss battles, poor mechanics, or super difficult gameplay. We scream, we break things, we punch pillows, and do whatever it takes to vent our anger…and it’s often in the most ridiculously expressive way possible.

We’re not necessarily proud of it, but we’ve had them as well. What are your worst rage quit moments? Share your stories in the comments or forums section below to tell us all about the embarrassing things you’ve done in your own mad fit.


My worst rage quit moment was during the final boss battle with the reanimated Saren from Mass Effect 1. I have no idea what it was…maybe I was just off that day, maybe I had missed some sort of skill or perk along the way when leveling up; it’s hard to tell for sure. But I do know this; I could not, for the life of me, defeat that bastard. I found every area that he couldn’t reach me in, memorized the exact layout of the area, and managed to use up the entire galaxy’s supply of medi-gel to heal myself and the rest of my squad, and he still killed me every single time. I probably played that part twelve times before beating it, spiking the controller on the concrete floor of my basement and screaming obscenities each and every time. I must say though, when I finally did defeat him…oh, it was sweet.


Don’t ask why, but I went ahead and actually purchased Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Now, this was after I read most of the reviews for it, with every single one saying pretty much the same thing: it is a piece of crap. Still, with that $5 price point, even if I hated the experience, my wallet wouldn’t really feel it, so I went ahead and purchased the game, anyway. Even for $5, it was most likely the worst decision I have ever made in my life. Not only are the fundamental mechanics of the game completely broken (even aiming a gun felt horrible!), but also the glitches. Oh my god, the glitches. I thought I bought beta software. That’s how bad it was. Throughout my playtime, I guarantee you I encountered at least 3-4 glitches per level. I was gritting my teeth while playing, but I pushed on. Then, came a level some point near the halfway point of the game. In this level, you start off at the base of a bridge, and you have to cross the undercrossing. Meanwhile, boats are shooting at you from the river below, and a damn blimp is shooting at you, too. Combine this with the incredibly broken aiming system, and the fact that bullets don’t even hit the intended target 50% of the time (even when I aim square at the head!), and I simply put the controller down, ejected Turning Point from my 360, and broke it in half. Everyone, stay away from Turning Point. I guarantee you that if you have a loved one watching you, or even a friend, even he/she will feel ripped off. Turning Point should never be played by any human being ever again. Ever.


I don’t particularly WANT to admit this, but my worst rage quit moment came at a tender age. I was playing Donkey Kong Country on the Super NES, I was all of eight years old. I was stuck on one of those DAMN mine cart levels, I just couldn’t get the timing down. Each time I lost a life, my fuse burned shorter and shorter. Finally, I timed my trouble spot perfectly, making it through that damned section…only to run my mine cart into a bee, losing yet another life. I shot up out of my chair, flailed my arms around like a lunatic, gritted my teeth and shouted in a way that shook the very foundation of Hell itself…and in my explosion of fury, I had not noticed that the cup of water I had poured myself before I began this session had been tipped over, creating a puddle on the basement floor that enveloped my controller…and the Super NES itself. Luckily, Nintendo’s consoles were brick s—houses in 1995 and there was no damage, but still…the fear of losing that console has kept me in raqe quit check ever since.


I remember playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi when it first came out. The controls were so drastically different from the normal Budokai series I was having a really hard time adjusting. That, and my first dog had passed away the same day. I was trying to take my mind off it with some gaming since I just wanted to be alone. I got so frustrated that I raged and ripped my PS2 controller in half. I promised myself never to game during bad days again. Instead, I listen to music and write. At least then all I can tear apart are pens and pencils.



Alice: Madness Returns. Alice is at the top of a waterfall of tea. A bunch of doors and big iron pieces are flying by her in the river and she needs to jump onto one, then another and maybe another, until she’s close enough to the ledge to jump onto it. The timing is tricky, and the controls, well they don’t make it easy. I spent a while there, either going over the falls or knocking myself into the river of tea and shattering into butterflies (which is what happens to Alice when she fails at something.) My keyboard took a beating that day, and I sincerely hope that the ears of whoever made that particular level puzzle were burning while I cursed them.
It’s not always just the gameplay that induces the ragequit. Sometimes bugs can do it too. Take, for example, the Umbrella Bug in Alice: Madness Returns (for PC.) You need to deflect a thrown projectile from a nasty monster, and only by doing this will you be able to progress. There’s no way around it. However, the key that is set for the umbrella doesn’t work, and while waiting for a patch might seem like the smart thing, no developer fix is coming. Ever. So into the game files you need to go. Change a line here, a button hotkey there and viola, success! Well, not quite that easy. Sometimes even that fix doesn’t work. Or, even more infuriating, it works while you’re playing and then when you return to the game later, then it doesn’t. I cursed EA and Spicy Horse for days until, after one more go, it decided to work. I’m still bitter that they never patched it, or even pretended as if a patch was coming.


Sadly my worst rage quit moment, and actually almost every one of my rage quit moments, comes when I paly sports games. The worst event I can think of took place when I was playing MVP 2007 NCAA Baseball (yes I still play that, it’s awesome). I had played two games in a three game series against Marshall, I play as Rice University. The first two games I had dominated. I won both by more than 7 runs and had only given up 5 total hits. For some reason, game three was going to play differently. In the first inning I made a stupid mistake and game up two runs. Big deal I thought. Apparently it would be a bigger deal than I thought it would. For whatever reason, Marshall had transformed from a third grade Division 1 baseball team into a MLB, World Series quality ball club, and I got humiliated for 9 straight innings. Strikeouts, weak grounders and pop ups, leaving the bases loaded, you name it. I did it. Being a baseball player most of my life I was furious at every mistake I made and when I hit a dinky grounder to shortstop to end the game with the bases loaded I threw my controller down, put on my shoes, and left my dorm room. That was about two months ago. I haven’t turned on my PS2 since.