What Kingdom Hearts 3 Needs

It has been six years since Kingdom Hearts 2 has come out. Since then we’ve seen four games release adding more to the story and introducing new characters. The timeline and story has become very complex. The series overall has taken route many people did not see coming in the first game. Kingdom Hearts has many fans and they’ve been waiting patiently for a new numbered game. Kingdom Hearts 3 will undoubtedly be a huge title when it eventually releases not just in sales but also story and gameplay.

Just like what I did with Dragon Age 3, we’re going to go over ten things that Kingdom Hearts 3 needs.

Beware of spoilers for the series below!


10. New Final Fantasy Characters

So far, we’ve seen mostly characters from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and X. Mind you, with a huge emphasis on VII and VIII. The World Ends With You is taking center stage in Dream Drop Distance. We need some fresh faces in Kindom Hearts . I, personally, would like to see Cecil Harvey, Lightning, Snow, Basch, and Vincent Valentine. We could also do with some more villains. I had enough with fighting Sephiroth over and over again. How about Kuja or Garland? I would also like to Kefka make an appearance as an absolutely insane magic merchant or something along those lines. That would provide endless great lines.


9. Marvel Comics

We have seen all four games come and go since Kingdom Hearts 2’s release and they were all out after Disney bought Marvel. Where are the superheroes?! Having Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye as summons would be ridiculously cool. Summoning Simba in one battle and then The Hulk in another is something I never thought I’d ever see. This needs to happen. We used to joke about this when the buyout occurred saying that Sora is going to fight alongside the Avengers. Well, you know what? That sounds too awesome not to happen. The Lion King, Little Mermaid, and Tron aren’t the only Disney movies in town anymore. While we’re at it, let’s bring in Joss Whedon to write Kingdom Hearts 3’s story.


8. More Drive Forms

The Drive Forms were awesome to unlock and level up. Every one of them has a purpose and they didn’t just feel outclassed after each form unlocked. If you wanted more magic than anything else, you had a form to go to. Final From was really cool and I enjoyed the random occurrence to unlock it. Seeing more than just five (6 if you had Final Mix) forms would be nice. I’d like to see some be hidden and not just auto-unlocked as you followed the story. Doing some crazy stuff to unlock a new Drive Form would be fun to do and give more side-quests for the player to complete. Anti-Form would be cool to see return but it needs to be fleshed out more. I wasn’t a fan of having to not use a Keyblade to possibly change into it. It was just too random and not useful enough. Some boss battles were unable to be beaten if you transformed into it because you couldn’t use Reaction Commands in Anti-Form. I’d like to see this form redone.


7. Coliseum

Fighting through the tournaments in Kingdom Hearts 1 was one of my favorite things to do. I went through the Ice Titan and Sephiroth fights so many times I could almost do them blindfolded. The feature was basically nixed in the following games albeit a long 50 seed Paradox Cup. It would be great to see the Coliseum return and perhaps even with some DLC fights. I know, no one wants to pay for DLC but if it added new fights and something to fight towards after being the game, it would be worth it. I’d like a reason to hit the level cap with Sora.


6. More Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is badass in Kingdom Hearts. He is extremely good with a Keyblade and knows how to kill some Heartless. He one of the Keyblade Masters and although with more and more games his appearances grow in number, I hope we get to see Mickey a lot more in Kingdom Hearts 3. He is very important to the story and it’s going to take as many Masters as possible to stop Xehanort’s plan.


5. Two Main Characters

This is where we dive a bit into speculation but I did the same thing with the Dragon Age 3 piece. Kingdom Hearts has two storylines going on. On one side we have Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey trying to stop Xehanort from starting another Keyblade War. On the other side we have Aqua and Ansem in the Realm of Darkness. With Ansem’s memories lost, they are lost until he remembers or Sora saves them. This would be a great time to have intertwining stories as we follow Sora in the Realm of Light and Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. They both have similar goals and will meet up at one point in the story be it in Kingdom Hearts 3 or Kingdom Hearts 4.


4. Less Gummi Ship Sections

Building Gummi Ships was cool and all but flying through around just took me out of the game. I wanted to play on the worlds with the combat system and Drive Forms, not play Starfox. I understand some players got into it but while the story here is ramping up and getting hectic, the Gummi ships need to stay out of the way. Give Sora a pre-made, awesome Gummi ship to travel around and be done with it.


3. Mature Story

This is not a complaint about Disney characters or the cartoonish feel of the series. As Kingdom Hearts has grown, so have the story lines. There are still moments that you would expect because of the Disney involvement but overall, the series has done a good job of growing up with its players. Kingdom Hearts 3 is when the story takes a dive into the dark and hopeless. Xehanort is returning, he’s after Kingdom Hearts and Ventus, and he wants to start another Keyblade War. Things aren’t looking so hot. We saw Sora and the others grow up a bit between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. It would be nice to see them even more matured and ready to take on this huge responsibility of saving the realm.


2. Sora and Kairi

Kairi has been a background figure most of the series and at other times a supporting character or a maiden in distress. However, now she’s wanted for Keyblade combat training by Yen Sid. I see this as a great opportunity to prepare Kairi for the final piece of the story (which I believe will be Kingdom Hearts 4). Right now it is important for Kairi to be able to defend herself but I wouldn’t be against seeing more interaction between her and Sora. Their connection is very important to the story and it always seems like they are traveling to each other or trying to keep each other safe by not being close. With Xehanort coming back, it is time for these two to embrace each other before it is too late.


1. Xehanort & The X-Blade

Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to be a story about trying to stop Xehanort’s return so he can’t attempt to recreate the X-Blade and start another war. Lots of tragedy and failure but overall it will help make Kingdom Hearts 4 an even better game. We have to see Xehanort realize his goal. Perhaps we can see him capture most of the Princesses of Heart and begin another Keyblade War. In Kingdom Hearts 4 we’ll see him try and complete the X-Blade with Sora finally becoming the true hero and save the Realm of Light and Ventus.


Kingdom Hearts has an amazing story line that at first glance, can be very daunting and complex. Square-Enix and Disney have outdone themselves with this series and with every game it gets better. Each entry into the series is worth playing. Every one of them brings its own surprises and plot twists. There are a lot of characters and many of them have a few different variations such as the Nobodies and Heartless. Ansem is a great example of this.

With no mention of Kingdom Hearts 3 in quite some time, who knows when we’ll see the continuation of the story. The main team is still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and that could still be a while from completion. I think it is time to replay this series.

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  1. Pat

    i have one thing to say, overall the post was great. if they make a Kingdom hearts 4 which i believe they will, Tetsuya Nomura stated Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the end of the Xehanort if Kingdom Hearts 4 is released, it will be with a new Villain.

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