Video Game Characters and Creatures That Creep Me Out

I hate things that don’t necessarily scare me but just creep me out. I don’t want to look at them. It just skeeves me out and makes me grind my teeth. I’d rather be scared then creeped out. There are plenty of things from games that creep me out. Not all of them are just characters, though. Some monsters or creatures just do things that irk me. I get goosebumps thinking about some of them.


10. The Bear – Condemned 2

This thing is vicious and unrelenting. Plus, it is one of the most realistic scenes in gaming. There is no time to turn around and look or stand up to the damn thing. You need to get out of there and the only way the game tells you is by flashing “run for your life” on your life and you can’t stop until you find a safe place. The bear isn’t just going to leave, though. You need to progress through the map so you need to time everything right or you’ll going to get mauled. It’s not the bear that creeped me out, it was the “run for your life” signal that would always put  me on edge. It would go ahead and that was the worst part. I’m not done yet. Don’t leave my screen! It’s just going to pop up again and get my heart racing. I’d take two steps and run back thinking the signal would come up again and I’d be screwed. I got more afraid seeing that than the damn bear.


9. Skull Kid – Legend of Zelda

This thing… WTF is it!? I don’t like it. He is sneaky, backstabbing, and eerie. He just stares at you with that mask on. It almost looks like he is staring into your soul. Well, the creepy thing is that Skull Kids are what happens to little Koriki kids that get lost in the woods. That’s right. These are Link’s past forest brothers and sisters who are forever stuck in the Lost Woods never to return to the village. This could have been Link if we didn’t hear Saria’s Song. Navi also tells us that he’s unhappy to not have a face. That’s just creepy, dude. Can you imagine seeing this thing in a huge forest telling you he wishes he had a face? NOPE.


8. G-Man – Half-Life

This guy just screams creepy. He follows Gordon around showing up at the worst of times to give you a cryptic speech about his “employers” and how Gordon has to go to work. The thing is his mannerisms and extremely weird behavior make him uneasy to look at and listen to. He just seems like a bad man. You ever walk down a street, see someone, and instantly get a bad vibe? G-Man gives that to me all of the time. He’s always calm, too. No matter what situation Gordon is in, G-Man remains cool and well, detached. He doesn’t truly seem caring for Gordon but the two are intertwined by some unknown force. It sucks to have to see this guy in your mind and have to listen to that voice. He also loves extreme close-ups.


7. Alma – F.E.A.R.

Little girl in white dress. Check. Pale skin and black hair. Check. Teleportation and static. Check. Terrible and tragic backstory leading her to haunt people and kill? Double check. Alma is a terrible little ghost girl. I can’t stand that static overlay on the screen and things popping in and out. One second everything is normal. Take one step forward and you see her for a blink of a second and there is blood and bodies everywhere. Seriously? Do I want to take another step? Alma does a fantastic job at freaking you the hell out. The worst thing is that even when she appears, you know the worst stuff is just ahead. She’s just a precursor. She gets your blood pumping so the next area just tears are you psyche.


6. The Witch – Left 4 Dead

Nothing is worse then trying to find the exit on a map when all of a sudden you start to hear something up ahead. Zombies? No. Crying. Someone is crying. You see someone sitting on the ground and crying. She looks hurt. Well, you know the first time I played this game I put my flashlight on her. Wooo boy! That thing teared my face up and I was dead. Creeped the hell out of me. Now, whenever I hear crying in Left 4 Dead, I get really careful and I move slower. I keep the flashlight off or low to the ground. I stick to the walls because they don’t like it when you get close. The Witches in Left 4 Dead are some of the creepiest things in all of entertainment. I can’t stand seeing them off in the distance and hearing that constant crying. It’s just wrong.


5. The Necromorphs – Dead Space

All of them. Every single type of Necromorph is just creepy. Then again, that’s the signature of Dead Space. I never found the series to be scary but always creepy. The dangling lights showing off the shadow of something around the corner. The noises they’d make as you got closer and closer. The way their limbs hang half-way off but still use them as weapons. The screams that come out of their mouths. Necromorphs were made to make you look at them and just cringe. I would never want to end up like something like that and that’s what makes you fear them.


4. ReDeads – Legend of Zelda

These things are just plain torture. Every time I see them I stop Link dead in his tracks and just stand there thinking about how I’m going to go about this. These things are like Zombies or Mummies that stand perfectly still but make this groaning noise. The closer you get, the louder that battle music gets but also the louder that groan gets. Finally, it starts to move and if it looks at you BOOM! It looks out a shriek and you’re frozen with fear. They latch onto your body and gnaw at your face. The way they slowly turn and groan just makes me grind my teeth every time.


3. Ghasts – Minecraft

For quite awhile there was barely any reason to venture into the Nether in Minecraft. Now, there’s just too much there to ignore it completely. Making the trek through the Nether is dangerous enough but all of a sudden you’ll get a weird noise and a couple seconds later a fireball lands and takes out some land and health from you. Looking up, you’ll see the giant, floating cube heads called Ghasts. They aren’t that bad, to be honest. However, when you’re close enough to attack, you’ll find out why they are so high on this list. The agonizing sounds that come out of them when you hurt them is just the worst. You’d rather let them live then hear the screams of pain. The worse you hurt them, the most intense it gets too. It is just so eerie to hear and it irks me. A shiver goes down my spine with the second hit every time.


2. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

The slow walk, the ruined skin, the giant sword, and bloody clothes are just the start to Pyramid Head. He is a vicious and unrelenting psychopath who enjoys making you terrified by doing something ruthless and just staring at you for a moment. He wants his visage and destruction to seep in your soul before he walks away. It is almost like a silent “I’ll see you soon” message that makes Silent Hill 2 a creepy, unnerving adventure through your own consciousness.


1. Iron Maiden – Resident Evil 4

I can’t stand these things. I hate them. It is borderline scary to me but mostly just unnerving and something that makes me cringe. That damn noise they make. The slow, sulking about. They instant gaze upon you. These things are the epitome of Resident Evil enemy. I could say Regenerator instead of Iron Maiden but the Maidens do the noise more and especially clearer. That “ehhh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-ehhhhh” that comes out of their mouths as they limp towards you and attack with blazing speed. I hate them. I can’t stand fighting them, I don’t like how they look, and that noise sends a chill down my entire body.


Are you creeped out by any video game enemies or bosses? Hop on over to the forums and let me know so we can chat about it.

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