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The City of Hamel is Now Open on Elsword

Elsword, a free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG, has expanded it’s cap level to 52 and opens the doors to a new city in the game. There’s a brand new challenge of fighting demons under water, which will require players to find air bubbles to avoid drowning. Get the story about the beautiful city below

Exploring the new continent of Fluone, Elsword players can now visit Hamel, the first city of this vast region. As the City of Water, Hamel is beautiful and prosperous area. Lately, it’s become home to malicious spirits that stand in the way such as the head of the Spirits of Darkness, the Shadow Master, and ill-tempered creatures such as the Coral Serpent.


New dungeons include the outskirts of Resiam and Sunken Resiam. Both dungeons require players to be level 45 or higher to rid the region of the Spirits of Darkness and various other despicable enemies. Sunken Resiam puts players under water for the first time with players needing to keep a watchful eye on their breath gauge to make it out of the dungeon alive. Within the outskirts of Resiam, players will travel the beaten path to confront the Shadow Master and his crafty ability to control the movement of players.