The Best Collector’s Edition Pieces

Not to be mistaken with Cassidee’s previous entry about entire special editions and how weird they can be, I wanted to share my list of pieces from these expensive versions of video games that I still have around. These “set pieces”, I guess you can call them as my all-time favorite collectibles from video game packages. Now, don’t a retro list here. Most of these are recent releases but that doesn’t degrade the list. These are things I actually use. Sometimes I use a couple daily. Others I see everyday. Some are occasional uses but they get some time in. The main point is that not all video game collector’s editions are crap. Some include some useful stuff and/or things that make some sweet decorations.


Fallout 3 – Vault Boy Bobble Head

I know what you’re saying. “How is a bobble head useful?” Well, I wouldn’t call it useful but I found a great place for this guy. I have him placed very securely in my center console in my car. It’s gives a nice little chuckle to watch his head go up and down after bumps in the road or a strong wind passing through. I had him on the dashboard until one time he went flying out the window. Luckily my friend I had just dropped off picking it up for me. Close call. Vault Boy is seen just about everyday and you just can’t help but smile back at the little guy. It’s a good thing to have in the car during road rage moments.


World in Conflict – Piece of the Berlin Wall

Now I don’t have this in use for anything nor do I still have it in my possession but it means a lot to me. I had given it to my grandfather who had spent a lot of time in Germany and never got to get a piece of the wall himself. He was very happy when I gave it to him and it is one of those memories I always remember from time to time. He had placed it with his history collection but he put it right in front and made sure it stood out. My grandfather was a military man but he loved Germany at heart. It was really awesome to see a video game give out a true piece of history and one that helped me put a smile on a family member’s face.


StarCraft 2 – USB Dog Tag

The very stylish collector’s edition of Wings of Liberty included a Jim Raynor dog tag that houses a USB flash drive inside of it. At first, this thing broke on me after two weeks. My father and I had gotten it open and managed to replace the small, crappy flash drive with a 128gb one that I bring with me everywhere. This thing is flashy and cool looking. Wearing it as a necklace actually doesn’t look half bad and people normally want to know what it is. When they see that it is also a USB stick, they want to see if it lights up or does anything when plugged in. One of the most used things I own, this USB stick goes everywhere with me and houses some important data. Much more useful and portable then the Diablo 3 soulstone USB stick which just sits there on my desk implanted into Diablo’s skull.


inFamous 2 – Sling Pack

The Sling Pack from inFamous 2 is just big enough to carry some bring alongs for quick trips or a day’s worth of errands. I use it all the time to hold my Vita, gum, writing pad (always carry one of those), phone charger, headphones, and even my dog tag USB stick for when I don’t want to keep it around my neck for some reason. Before this, I used the Mirror’s Edge messenger bag that had all the pouches in the front. I found it to hold a lot but I didn’t like how easy it was to open them up without me noticing.


Grand Theft Auto IV – Lockbox

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a collector’s edition. I use this to hold a lot of precious things and have one of the two given keys hidden somewhere where only I know. The lockbox itself is actually hidden, as well. I only bring it out when no one is around. I’m secretive about it but I mean, it’s a lockbox. Who wouldn’t be? This is a nice sized box that holds quite a lot and while the locking mechanism isn’t amazing, it is easy to pass off as something common if you prop it up right and hide the logo and lock. That’s also a big reason why I keep it hidden.


Do you have any collector’s edition or pre-order items that you actually use? Pop by the forums to let me know and we’ll chat about them.

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  1. Jerry Curlan

    I wish, oh how I wish, I had both the Fallout 3 bobble-head & the Fallout 3 lunch box. I’ve never sprung for a collector’s edition of any game (and likely I never will), but those 2 pieces would make me a very happy man.

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