limbo 2

Stoked for Limbo’s PlayDead Follow Up “Project 2”

Playing a game simply for it’s artistic value is not something we, as gamers, generally pursue. We tend to like our games for the same reasons we hate cats; they’re loud, they’re fast, they’re always there even if you don’t want them to be, and, they can touch you emotionally if you get sad enough.

When I initially wanted to play Limbo it was due to the screenshots I saw online and the immediate portrayal of art and design overboard any need for story or gameplay details.I was interested solely on presentation. I judged a book by it’s cover. I am generally not a 2d side-scrolling fan, but I could not ignore this game. Although story does exist in which the poor boy wakes up on the edge of hell and begins his pursuit of his missing sister, the story could have been about a boy going to the market and I would have still played. Limbo is amazingly gorgeous and pulls you into it and, for the most part, is downright depressing, but conversely is a joy to play.

As for the follow up, I simply cannot wait. Based off the screen shot alone, the game already has me hooked in the same way Limbo did. The premise of “Project 2″ is”one boy’s struggle against evil forces who, through questionable experiments on human bodies, are trying to take over the world.” Now, tell me you aren’t interested in this title and I’ll come over there and slap you upside the head. There is no release date yet for this title, but if I were you I would play Limbo again, or for the first time, and remind yourself this was PlayDead’s first title. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Anybody else excited?