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Possible New PlayStation Plus Features Coming, Also Grand Turismo Vita Mentioned

A new survey from Sony is out giving off mentions of some possible new Vita games and PlayStation Plus features.

IGN was given a few screen shots showing off the Gran Turismo and Ratchet & Clank titles and asking if the participant would likely buy the game and if it would be on a physical media or a digital download. The survey also shows the Assassin’s Creed logo but we already know that Liberation is on its way.

Also, the survey has a question about PS+ and a possible new addition. It asks the following:

Imagine that as part of PlayStation Plus, every time you bought a game on EITHER PS3 or PS Vita, you would be entitled to get the game on the other console absolutely free. So, if you bought Resistance on the PS Vita, you could download Resistance on PS3 for free. Or if you got FIFA on PS3, you could download the PS Vita version for free.

While you’resubscribed to PlayStation Plus, you would have full access to the second game, but if you cancelled your subscription, you would no longer be able to play them.

How appealing is this to you?


I’m going with Very Appealing. Check IGN for the survey screen shot.