You Can Help Keep Max Payne 3’s Multiplayer Cheater-Free

Rockstar is taking a hard line with cheaters in Max Payne 3, and is asking for your help in dealing with them.

Nobody likes a cheater, and having your killstreak ruined by an invincible glitcher is no fun at all.  Now, if you catch someone doing it, you can present your case to Rockstar and they will take care of it.  If you are having this problem, you can check out this link to blow the whistle.  Rockstar suggests having actual proof of your foe’s misbehaving, such as a video or screenshot.  And no, that camper who has killed you fourteen times in a row doesn’t count.

They’ve come up with a pretty diabolical plan to stamp out this sort of thing:  Putting all the confirmed cheaters into a single server called the “Cheaters Pool”.  If you are part of the sorry group of people that like to glitch your way up the leaderboards, you will be placed here and only be able to play with other confirmed cheaters.  I would love to see the madness of one of those matches.

In addition to the Cheaters Pool, Rockstar will be making an active effort to scrub the leaderboards of hackers.  Do you think this is an effective method, or are we simply treating the symptoms and not the disease here?