The Genres That The Wii U Will Dominate

Consoles have had issues with some genres due to button layouts, lack of buttons, and feasible UI’s with controllers. Basically, we need more buttons. The keyboard and mouse combo gives tons of buttons that the fingers can reach easily, giving developers more room to add functions to keys instead of random events and such.

The Wii U’s Gamepad gives consoles another shot at making these genres accessible to console gamers and bringing even more games over from the PC.



MMO’s aren’t new to consoles but they have had a lot of problems. They either have to be bundled with a peripheral like a keyboard or a crazy controller or you have to suffer through menus after menus to get what you want. The Wii U Gamepad gives access to a whole new way of interacting without clouding up the main screen and keeping you in the action. Developers don’t have to try some crazy stuff using the touch screen for gameplay. They just need to fully explore what the Gamepad’s screen can do for MMO menus, skills, and options. That is what is tying up so many games from entering console space. World of Warcraft, Star Wars, TERA, and a bunch more could make the jump over. How many times have we heard that devs are going to be making their MMO for PC/Mac and 360/PS3/Wii/etc. and never see that happen? The Wii U can buck that trend.

Just seeing that Photoshopped character screen I did up there gives me goosebumps. Yes, please!


Strategy Games

This includes RTS, Turn-based Strategy, 4x, and any other kind of strategy game. They’ll work fine on consoles now. The only RTS I can say actually felt right on a console was Halo Wars. All the others slowed you down so much due to the limited controls and having to use the slow moving controller to select troops. The Gamepad can change all of that. The screen can be your minimap. Point on it and go to that place on the map. Hit a button and zoom in the map to where it is what you see on the TV. Drag the stylus over an area and you select all the troops in that area. Boom. Fast.

It would be awesome to see Civ5 (or even 6), Sins of a Solar Empire, StarCraft 2, and League of Legends come to the Wii U.



You know how The Sims games suck on consoles? Took forever for them to even let you have a second floor on your house? Well, say hello to full PC featured Sims games on your console. The Gamepad can make games like Sims, Simcity, Cities XL, Football Manager, Railworks, and Rollercoaster Tycoon function with all means of freedom. No more limitations due to controllers. EA can continue to milk the Sims franchise with tons of little add-ons from Ikea but now on consoles, too. Yay for tons of $20 and $40 add-ons that add nothing to your game! Oh! Katy Perry edition? I’m all over that. Seriously, though. Simulation games have a golden road to full featured heaven and can really break into console land. No more dinky ports hoping to sell on name alone.



Yeah, yeah I know most of you won’t be interested in this or care about it. However, it is important to parents and kids. A lot of us grew up games and they’ve helped us out a lot. My dad got me the Sega Channel when it came out because he heard that it has a variety of game types including educational. He liked the idea of me playing games. He knew how helpful they can be for eye-hand coordination, reflexes, and other skills. He knew I’d enjoy education more if it meant playing a game alongside it. It is also a huge reason why the Nintendo DS blew up. The Gamepad can act like a kid’s looking glass into his favorite cartoons. Imagine if your kid is like obsessed with Dora the Explorer. He or she can use the Gamepad’s touch screen to find something in her backpack to help with the adventure. Things like that are going to go real far into making the Wii U an adult, teenage, and kid friendly console.

Nintendo answered the fans with more core games on their new console. No reason why they should abandon or not evolve other areas that they are already good at. At least this time you won’t have to worry about little Junior throwing the controller into the TV.

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  1. Speculating

    Sony announced they are doing the same thing with the vita and ps3 right away, the wii-u is doomed once the inital sales of zelda wear off.

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